SkeletonHD Phantom Stack Bracelet Review

   SkeletonHD Phantom Stack Bracelet Review

As the summer approaches, my attention has turned away from overcoats, boots and knitwear; instead, my current interests have focused on men’s jewellery pieces, particularly wristwear. So, for my next blog post, I will be taking a closer look at the SkeletonHD Phantom Stack Bracelet in my latest review.

I have encountered with the SkeletonHD brand once before, featuring one of their skull bracelets previously on my men’s style blog; it will be interesting to see how the brand has evolved in that time! Read on to find out.

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Design & Shape

The bracelet opts for the brands classic and timeless design, featuring spherical balls which cover the entire length of the bracelet, giving complete coverage on the wrist (no gap is visible when worn). The balls themselves are totally black, albeit in a matte style finish which gives off an expensive vibe to the overall look of the piece. As you can imagine by its name, the accessory consists of two bracelets sitting parallel to each other on your wrist (you can wear them singularly if you desire), both are very similar in design, with a few key differences.

The first features a single skull, with its base sitting flat against your skin, the second boasts two of the brand’s iconic skulls, albeit facing away from one another. Each of the heads has a glossy finish, in contrast to the matte appearance of the balls. In addition, both bracelets sport a cylindrical piece of metal, giving a much-needed break in the design.

Wearability & Comfort

Due to its understated all-black finish, the SkeletonHD Phantom Stack bracelet is something which pairs with almost any outfit. If your wardrobe attire is a leather jacket and boots combo, T-Shirt and Jeans (such as how I styled the bracelet) or even a formal getup (fantastic complement to a smart three-piece suit), this bracelet will blend seamlessly with all of the above and more.

The bracelet is simple to put on and remove; the internal elasticated cabling ensures it is a simple process. Naturally, this reflects in the comfort level, there is no pressure on your skin, and once in position, you won’t even realise it is there!


The double skull accessory comes packaged within a solid textured black box, baring the company logo embossed in silver across the top. Inside, the bracelet is secured safely within its mini bag, complete with a drawstring so that it doesn’t slip out and go astray (a nice touch!).

It is worth noting that SkeletonHD offers larger Black Box Gift Sets, which are ideal for that special someone in your life. Each of these larger boxes contains up to three or four of their bracelet styles.

Value For Money

The SkeletonHD brand offers all of their products at a reasonable price point compared to many of their competitors, the Phantom Stack is no different in this regard, and you will not break the bank when acquiring the set.


Overall, the SkeletonHD Phantom is a beautifully designed accessory for your wrist; its minimalist design is perfect for any occasion while still adding an extra layer to your outfit. Be sure to check out their current collection!

Here is a brief summary of the top points

  • Beautiful minimalist design
  • Easy to pair with numerous outfits
  • Comfortable to wear on a daily basis
  • Good value for money

Additionally – I also received one of their rings. It is a gorgeous piece, constructed out of solid metal with a glossy appearance; I already received multiple compliments on its design during my very first wear.

What do you think of the latest release from SkeletonHD, are you a fan of the all-black design? I am Looking forward to your opinions and comments!

Check Out the SkeletonHD Black Box Gift Sets Collection

*Partnership with SkeletonHD / Opinions are my own.



  1. Okley Thompson
    June 10, 2019 / 7:50 pm

    Love it! Just got the stack. Thanks for the review.

    • Adam
      June 13, 2019 / 7:10 pm

      Glad you like the review Okley, good job making the purchase!

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