Kapital Patchwork Bandana-Print Denim Jacket

Kapital Patchwork Bandana-Print Denim Jacket

Add a pop of colour to your summer wardrobe with a splash of lilac, definitely not the typical choice for a man’s ensemble, unless you are a fan of the rising Japanese brand – Kapital.

Regular readers of my style blog will attest that I am a big fan of denim (particularly with my dalliance with women’s skinny jeans on my journey to find the perfect fit), and I am always ready to take a chance with new and unique additions in the world of denim. This new release from Kapital is truly a head turner, opting to cover the entirety of the jacket in a paisley style print, taking much of its inspiration from bandanas found in the west. Kapital is based in the denim capital of Japan – Kojima, and the brand has decided to use a popular patchwork technique when creating this workwear jacket.

This Kapital Patchwork Bandana-Print Denim Jacket is exclusive to Mr Porter, no doubt it will be guaranteed to fly off the online shelves! If you want it, you better place your order to save yourself any disappointment.

What do you think of this new denim jacket, is it something you could envision sitting proudly on your clothes rail? Let me know in the comments!


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