Vaultskin Wallet And Phone Case Review

Vaultskin Wallet And Phone Case Review

When it comes to leather accessories, men often get the short straw compared to their female counterparts when it comes to choice – so the male population goes all out in the key areas left open to them, namely wallets and phone cases. In my latest blog post review, I will be taking a look at one of each from Vaultskins latest collection.

Vaultskin is a relatively young brand, based in London with an enthusiastic, young and experienced team – planning to take the world by storm with their range of leather products and accessories. One of the companies key selling points is that each of their wallets contains RFID blocking technology to prevent your bank and credit cards, becoming the victim of unauthorised hacking using scanning devices. Vaultskin offers wallets in various shapes and sizes and phone cases to fit numerous different iPhone models, along with RFID protection cards available separately.

I will be reviewing two products from their collection – The City Wallet and Eton Armour Phone Case. Read on to find out more!

Vaultskin City Wallet

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The City wallet boasts a classic and timeless design, opting for a style which will never go out of fashion—featuring four internal pockets (two on either side) for a variety of bank and credit cards. The main back section contains the typical wide open pocket for storing all manner of different money notes (the City model is suitable for UK banknotes, whereas the Manhattan has been designed with US money in mind). I chose the gorgeous tan colour in Italian leather which suits my style – other options are a darker brown and a black.

Size And Shape

The City Wallet is almost square-shaped and is fairly compact, allowing for easy carrying in almost any denim jean and trouser pocket. The wallet also benefits from a relatively slim width so will not appear bulky when inside a pocket (for me, one of the main reasons that I usually opt out of using a wallet) which was a huge plus point for me.

  • Wallet dimensions
  • 77mm x 98mm x 10mm
  • Weight
  • 38 grams


As stated, the wallet has numerous storage areas for cards and money; however, the key selling point is, of course, the RFID protection. Each of the five sleeve pockets on the wallet features the silver protective fabric, ensuring your details and accounts are safe and sound from any scanning or swiping fraud attempts with are so prevalent in this day and age.

Vaultskin Eton Armour Phone Case

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The Eton Armour phone case has been designed for the typical city businessman in mind, no garish colours or unnecessary flamboyance, just straight-up classic style suitable for that important meeting. However, this isn’t to say you cannot use it in a casual environment; its overall appearance will fit in with any occasion. The main body of the case features a solid heavy-duty material, more than enough to protect your valuable phone from a substantial drop (with the added benefit of a raised lip to help protect the screen from damage). The inside of the case contains a soft touch fabric to cushion the back of the phone from any scratches or marks, which is a nice extra touch.

Attached to the back panel of the case is a softer top grain Italian leather, which acts as a wallet. Within the internal sleeve is an area to store your bank and credit cards safely (again with the added security of RFID protection against scan and swipe attacks on your details).

I picked the tan colouring to match the City Wallet – again available in dark brown and black (the tan also benefits from a contrasting colour effect).

Size And Shape

I selected the iPhone X/XS variant of the case which fits snug around the device, adding a small amount of extra width to the phone thanks to that layer of thick padding. The additional leather wallet backing juts out a small amount but is necessary due to the card storage space that it brings to the table.


After spending some time using both of the products, I am happy to report that they are equally invaluable to the man about town.

The wallet looks beautiful with its soft Italian leather, sleek, compact design all with the added safety net of RFID protection which is an essential feature in this world. The phone case comes highly recommended with a fantastic style, cushioning for your device and the same priceless card protection.
If you are on the lookout for a new wallet or phone case (or both!), then it would be in your best interest to check out Vaultskin and thei range of products.

What do you think of the items in my latest mens fashion blog post review? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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*Partnership with Vaultskin / Opinions are my own.


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