Thomas Earnshaw Automatic Longitude 8006-08 Watch Review

Thomas Earnshaw Automatic Longitude 8006-08 Watch Review

My obsession for watches grows as the years pass by, from retro style digital designs to intricate swiss models. However, my biggest love will always be with automatic timepieces, no matter how much technology advances, there will always be a place for them amongst watch connoisseurs. With this in mind, allow me to look closely at the Automatic Longitude 8006-8 from English brand Thomas Earnshaw in my latest review.

The brand is not a young and inexperienced producer of watches, prone to flaws and faults, Thomas Earnshaw has been creating beautiful pieces since their inception in 1805. This particular model is a nod to our forefathers of yesteryear, using Chronometers for navigation across our dangerous oceans. Allow me to take a closer look at this timeless accessory in my review.

Design and Shape

There is no denying that the Thomas Earnshaw Longitude 8006-08 is a truly spectacular watch. Formed in a skeleton style, allowing you to view straight through its core, as every tiny part performs its important task, ensuring the automatic mechanism keeps perfect time. The face is constructed from silver and gold, whilst the bezel is fabricated from a lush rose gold effect, lastly, the hands themselves are a vibrant pop of contrasting blue. The strap is created using a genuine medium brown leather with crocodile printed effect. Its design has parallels to the premium brand Patek Phillipe, which can only be a good thing!

The size of the watch is very large compared to many of their competitors, coming in at a huge 44mm diameter! Dwarfing the rest of my watch collection, yet, to my surprise, the Longitude 8006-8 sits comfortably on my wrist. Overall Thomas Earnshaw has created a beautiful looking product, top marks for design.

Wearability and Comfort

This watch is undeniably classic in style, easily paired with a suit or a smarter outfit, perhaps at an evening meal or business function. It is not something that would complement a casual jacket and a pair of sneakers! Comfort wise, there are no negatives to mention, even worn for 24 hours causes no hint of irritation. In summary, a smart watch for specific occasions, yet always guaranteed to be comfortable.


The packaging of Thomas Earnshaw watches is top quality, sleek dark brown cardboard casing holding its quarry securely inside. Once opened you reveal the solid dark wood watch box, within this sturdy container you are greeted with a contrasting soft cream fabric, the final home of your automatic watch. Suitably stunning packaging for a beautiful timepiece.


As stated at the beginning of my post, the inner workings of the Thomas Earnshaw watch contain an automatic mechanism. With over 200 years of expertise at their fingertips, it’s time keeping ability is second to none. Thanks to its open skeleton style face, you can see this automatic mechanism working away in all its glory.

Quality and Price

Automatic watches nearly always command a high price, yet somehow Earnshaw of managed to fit 200 years of horological experience into this watch, costing only a fraction of the price similar designs from other brands. Despite this price difference, the quality of the final product has in no way been hindered during production.


If you are in the market for a beautiful looking automatic skeleton watch for a reasonable price point, then I can safely say the Thomas Earnshaw Longitude 8006-08 could be what you are looking for. Combining classic English design into a modern package, for an excellent end result. What do you think of Thomas Earnshaw watches? Please let me know in the comments below!


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