How To Wear A Rolex Watch

How To Wear A Rolex Watch

Rolex is one of the world’s most well-known brands; its name alone evokes luxury, precision, and aimless elegance. In my latest article, I will be looking deeper into the history of the brand and how to wear them, upgrading your overall style in the process. Continue reading to find out more.

The Swiss brand was founded well over a century ago, offering both high-end craftsmanship and an unenviable social status. Rolex watches are never used just as a timekeeping device – they are timeless in design and style. Many regard them as a milestone for personal achievements, and they can even be passed down to family members throughout different generations.

Rolex watches are linked to pioneering adventures worldwide, including diving into the deepest oceans with the Submariner or reaching the tallest mountains with the Explorer strapped to the wrist.

When putting an outfit together, taking the subtleties in how you wear a Rolex can raise your ensemble to the next level in many ways (especially when paired with similar accessories). In the next portion of the guide, I will focus on different aspects of wearing a Rolex.

Understanding The Rolex Aesthetic

As soon as you hear the word “Rolex’ your mind is instantly filled with images displaying luxury, elegance, fantastic clothing, and glorious automobiles – social media is filled with designer pieces paired with a Rolex watch, which ultimately make any companion accessories and items look premium by association.

Rolex was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London,  immediately setting the world ablaze. The brand soon moved its entire operation to Geneva, Switzerland – undeniably synonymous with quality watchmaking. Rolex has been at the forefront of new horological advancements, including the perpetual rotor self-winding mechanism and creating the very first waterproof wristwatch with the Oyster model.

Much of the design accomplishments from Rolex have evolved over time, such as the fluted bezel, once a functional element to screw down the bezel (for waterproofing), which is now simply a striking decorative feature. The Swiss brand has always opted for the perfect mix of comfort and style in its products – in 1945, the jubilee five-piece link bracelet was created for the popular Datejust to allow for easy wrist movement while looking good in the process.

Rolex always ensures they use only the finest materials, such as 904L steel for superior corrosion resistance or the vast array of ethically sourced gemstones added to the more eye-catching models.

Choosing The Right Rolex For The Occasion

Rolex’s expansive collection of luxury timepieces will ensure there is a model for every activity, setting, or taste. In this section of my men’s fashion blog article, I will narrow down the choices depending on the occasion.

Everyday Wear

Everyday wear can mean many things, such as a workday at the office, a relaxed meal out on the weekend, or even a day out shopping with your partner. The ideal watch should combine understated elegance with usability and functionality for this scenario.

The Rolex Datejust fits into this area perfectly, with its timeless design and versatility marked by its Cyclops lens and date window, which allows it to be worn with almost any outfit (even casual). The Oyster Perpetual offers a range of beautifully varied colour dials and clean lines – strikingly simple yet effective, ideal for day-to-day wear.

Formal Events

Rolex watches excel in formal events; gala evenings or beautifully decorated weddings would be prime locations. The Rolex Cellini is one particular model that stands out from the rest of the collection, thanks to its exclusive use of gold and timeless watchmaking design, which oozes unparalleled sophistication.

Adventures & Outdoors

The great outdoors lovers may find the Rolex Explorer to be just what they are looking for – associated with Sir Edmund Hillary reaching the peak of Mount Everest (commemorating his success and that fantastic feat!). Alternatively, the Rolex Submariner is the watch of choice for diving enthusiasts – sturdy build and luminescent markers allow the wearer to reach those deep-sea depths easily.

Professional Settings

When making a statement in big business (boardroom meetings, visiting valued clients), the Rolex Day-Date can ensure you make those critical, good first impressions, showcasing your success with one glance at your wrist. Incidentally, the Day-Date is often called the “President,” which tells you everything about this luxury piece.

Pairing With Outfits

Rolex watches are one of the world’s greatest accessories, elevating even the most simple of looks to something extraordinary and memorable. In this next portion of the article, I will offer watch choices to pair with a variety of different looks.

Business Attire

In a corporate setting, you need to focus on subtlety with a mix of strength and style in equal measure – wearing a bespoke three-piece suit with the classic Rolex Day-Date or Datejust will reveal that you can power dress in the business world. For women, the Rolex Lady-Datejust can offer the same effectiveness paired with fitted suits or pencil skirts.

Casual Wear

A striking Swiss made Rolex watch can be used to make even the most casual of outfits pop (even a simple white tee or polo and plain denim) – the Rolex GMT-Master II or Oyster Perpetual are two such models ideal for this cause, with their sporty designs and a hint of colour.

Athletic & Sporty

If you are ready for a hard day of physical activity, a watch that ticks the functionality boxes is just as essential as style. The Rolex Daytona (one of my personal favourites) includes a chronograph feature and thus is ideal for keeping note of lap times while also offering a beautiful sports design. If you are hitting the gym, playing golf, or spending time on the tennis court, the Daytona will keep your fashion level on point even while you are keeping fit and active.

Special Occasions

With an important event approaching and your outfit will be nothing less than tuxedos for the gents (or cocktail dresses for the ladies), then the Rolex Pearlmaster will be the ultimate showstopper with its unique bracelet design and gem-set dials, completing your attire and ensuring you are the star of the show.

Caring For Your Rolex

Once you have decided to own a Rolex, it is essential to put measures in place to keep it looking tip-top and working as it should. Rolex watches are fantastic mechanical items held together with intricate craftsmanship techniques, and many would compare them to owning a piece of art. It is imperative to look after these luxury accessories with proper maintenance for a long life.

Regular Cleaning

Understandably, a watch can accumulate dust and sweat after regular daily wear, but a simple session of gentle cleaning can bring your Rolex back up to looking pristine. All you need is a soft cloth to wipe off any excess dirt and marks; however, for a deeper clean, immerse the watch in lukewarm water with mild soap – using a soft brush to remove any stubborn dirt in the more intricate parts of the bracelet or bezel. Remember to close the crown tightly so no water reaches the internal mechanism.


Getting your pride and joy watch serviced periodically is essential, generally recommended every 3-5 years. Horological experts will inspect your watch, lubricate moving areas and even replace worn-out parts (personally, I would only use an authorised Rolex company for this procedure to ensure you only get official replacement parts).


If you are not wearing your watch 24/7 (after all, some wearers do!), then storing your Rolex in a prime environment is crucial – avoid areas of extreme temperatures and high humidity. Also, avoid known locations with a strong magnetic field, which can negatively affect your watch’s performance. You can also invest in a watch winder to keep your Rolex spinning when not in use, so you don’t always have to keep setting the date/ time (which is a pet peeve of mine!). A multi-watch winder is ideal if you own multiple automatic timepieces.

Avoiding Shocks

Even though high-priced Rolex watches have been designed to withstand active lifestyles, they are ultimately still precision instruments. When worn, you need to be mindful of your activities and the places you visit – as such, avoid areas in which there is a risk of heavy or sharp blows and even extreme vibrations.

Water Resistance Checks

Owning a deep-sea diving watch has many benefits for those who love water; however, if exposed to water regularly, you need to check its water resistance level annually. This process will confirm that everything is watertight and that all the sealing gaskets are solid and intact.


There is no doubt that Rolex offers numerous designs, yet many watch collectors like to add a personal touch. Customisation allows you to feel like your watch is one of a kind with a bespoke design.

Bracelet & Strap Choices

Rolex offers many different bracelet styles in its collection – from the Oyster’s durability to the Jubilee strap’s beautiful elegance. Even with this level of choice, many watch lovers will go further with leather straps or even NATO bands, giving the watch a brand new, fresh look (or even pairing better with select outfits). Different straps and bracelets can allow your favourite timepiece to fit into any setting, from a formal occasion to a casual event.

Dial Customisations

Modifying the colour of the dial can make your watch look totally different, revitalising its look instantly. Alternatively, you can swap out the hour makers for something new or even add gem-set dials.

Bespoke Engravings

Rolex watches are often purchased to mark an important milestone in life or received as a meaningful gift – this can be characterised via an engraving to the case, with a name, date, or personal message (so you can always relive that moment by simply looking at the back of your watch). Rolex does not offer this service, yet you can easily find certified specialists to carry out this procedure while keeping your prized possession safe.

Beware Of Modifications

As much as a custom look can add an extra level of style and finesse to the watch, you must be aware that unofficial modifications (diamond encrustations or unauthorised mechanical additions) can void warranties and even lower the overall value (affecting resale).

Case & Bezel Changes

You can exchange bezels or change the whole case, making the Rolex look like something completely different – fluted, smooth, or gem-set bezels are popular options.

Rolex Etiquette

If you own a Rolex, when you wear it, you also achieve a certain level of style and sophistication thanks to the history of unwritten etiquettes that seasoned Rolex owners abide by to keep with tradition. One of the main factors is to remember not to flaunt your expensive accessory in the face of others; instead, let the watch speak for itself easily with its beautiful design and charm – confidence, rather than arrogance, is key.

Only wear your Rolex to the correct occasion – a stand-out Yacht Master may suit a nightclub setting but should be avoided at a classy event. In comparison, the smart Cellini would not work well at that LA influencer beach party!

The last point is always to be respectful of the craftsmanship and mechanics – try and avoid excessive winding (and always go clockwise) and do not adjust settings too frequently.

These last tips will ensure your watch lasts a lifetime and that you cherish this iconic brand with understated pride.


After reading this article, you will now appreciate that Rolex is a brand that has transcended the basics of keeping track of time – its history, level of craftsmanship, design, and style, allowing it to reach the grandest of heights. Owning a Rolex is a personal and undeniably rewarding experience that your descendants will enjoy, thanks to their timeless nature. Rolex is a mark of luxury and precision, which will endure for many years to come.

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