Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Road Runner Sweater

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Road Runner Sweater

Sometimes an item of clothing appears which just makes you stop and take notice, whether that is out of love or disgust is largely up to individual taste! Opinions on fashion can divide the population, one such item is the Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Wile E Coyote Sweater.

The American brand has recently enjoyed somewhat of a revival, brought back to popularity thanks to the rejuvenation of 90’s styles, including their branded Calvin Klein Logo Branded Sweatshirts and T-Shirts. They also produce a number of limited pieces under their high-end label – 205W39NYC.

One their stand out pieces from the latest collection features the Looney Tunes character – Wile E Coyote. Rather than portray the lifelong nemesis of Road Runner (available as a Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Road Runner Sweater) in all his glory, CK has opted to realise his image in an interesting reverse-intarsia knitted design on the front. I will admit it has a cool look, from a distance you can distinguish the outline of the infamous Warner Bros Cartoon villain. However, it is certainly a very unique item which you would only wear once or twice (and at that price point, you will be hard pushed to justify the purchase!).

What do you think of this latest design from Calvin Klein? Is it something you would wear even if it was a reasonable price? Please let me know in the comments below!


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