Dressing With Confidence – Using Your Style To Boost First Impressions

Dressing With Confidence – Using Your Style To Boost First Impressions

If you are into fashion, then it is understandable that you care about your appearance, and first impressions are essential when meeting new people. In my latest lifestyle article, I offer a few choice suggestions on how to dress with confidence.

Even as a fashionista, you have likely found yourself looking through your wardrobe, thinking you have nothing to wear, which can hurt your confidence. It only takes seven seconds for someone new to develop an opinion of you, and that’s how quickly we form our first impressions. The judgements we make come from a number of factors, including facial expressions, body language, how we dress and even the location. Our assessment of someone is often influenced very quickly, and we are probably unaware of it happening. With only seven seconds to play with, every second does indeed count.

Define Your Style

Every person’s style is unique, allowing you to showcase and express who you are without even speaking. Are you bold and outgoing or more laid-back? Do you dress to impress with formalwear, or are you more comfortable rocking casual attire such as a hoodie and sneakers? It is always vital to dress in the clothes you are happy with, as this alone will boost your self-confidence.

Body Shape

Dressing according to our body shape is crucial, as specific fits, cuts, fabrics, and patterns will look better depending on body type.

  • Rectangle – Opt for slim and sleek cuts, which will flatter your shape. Consider tailored suits, skinny jeans and low-profile sneakers or loafers.
  • Oval – Select clothes in a regular fit, nothing too tight. Regular fit blazers, boot cut jeans and chunky footwear (trainers or Chelsea Boots).
  • Inverted Triangle – Pick out clothes that will balance out your shape. V-neck T-shirts and tapered legwear (jeans and trousers).
  • Trapezoid – Grab styles that accentuate your gym-goer shape. Fitted shirts, tops and tees. Trousers are best in slim or regular.

Choosing The Right Colours

As with understanding your body shape, it is imperative you choose colours that look great on you, making you feel good about yourself and boosting your confidence. One of the most effective ways is to use your complexion as a base.

  • Cool complexion – choose whites, greys, blues or even greens.
  • Warm complexion – select browns, tans, reds and yellows.


You can boost your otherwise simple outfit using various accessories such as a watch, bracelets, rings, or even a fancy scarf or belt. Always remember to keep balance, so keep it subtle with a few pieces.

  • Statement Pieces – choose one piece, such as a Swiss watch or designer holdall.
  • Jewellery – cuffs, bangles or necklace and choose a style suitable for the occasion (formal or casual).
  • Scarves/belts – Add some colour with a scarf, but the belt should match your shoes (unless they are sneakers).

Incorporate Trends

The latest popping trend can boost your outfit. Nevertheless, these are typically short-lived and could end up costing you money (if it is some overly expensive designer item!). However, sometimes, they can hit the mark and become a wardrobe staple, even hitting the high street or online retailers like ASOS. One of the best ways is to combine your existing garments with pieces from new trends to create a fantastic mix.

  • Try Before You Buy – make sure these new trends suit your body type and style, so you feel comfortable in your new outfit.
  • Mix and Match – blend the latest trends with classic items for an excellent, balanced look.

Dressing For Different Occasions

After using the tips in this article, you will be more than ready to showcase your style and accessories to the outside world. You can premiere your latest look at your workplace or get out of your comfort zone and meet new people using the WhosHere Plus App. Alternatively, you could fly off to a hot country for an impromptu holiday to flash your latest outfit ensembles.

Now that you know how to look good, it is essential to wear the right clothes for different occasions. In the following points, I will discuss what to wear for each unique setting.

Professional Settings

In a business or office environment, your clothing needs to be formal or business casual. Consider a shirt, tie and smart trousers or go all-out with a three-piece suit. Key items include –

  • Crisp, white shirt
  • Fitted blazer
  • Polished brogues or loafers
  • Sleek, effective accessories

Casual Events

The casual dress code is inherently more relaxed, yet you must keep up appearances with fantastic pieces that fit well and look the part. Here are a few top choices –

  • Fitted t-shirts
  • Skinny jeans or slim chinos
  • Simple hoodies and sweatshirts
  • Low-profile plain sneakers and Chelsea Boots

Special Events

You can show off your new-found personal style for that special occasion, such as a fashionable event or wedding. These are super formal, but they allow you to dress to impress.

  • Tailored suit with a flash tie and pocket square.
  • Flashy shoes
  • Swiss statement watch

In Summary

With these new-found tips, you will be able to dress well and feel confident about yourself. Fashion is personal and subjective; however, once you have found your niche, you will feel comfortable and proud no matter the event or occasion. What are your thoughts on my latest lifestyle article? Let me know in the comments below.


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