How To Achieve Fashionable Casual Looks for Men

How To Achieve Fashionable Casual Looks for Men

It can be challenging for guys to get the perfect harmony between looking fashionable and casual regarding outfit choices. In my latest blog post, I offer a few tips and tricks to help you achieve this elusive balance of style with a relaxed vibe. Continue reading to find out more.

Casual Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are popular again after a long hiatus on the back burner. They are undeniably versatile, with a fantastic mix of functionality and style. Keep it modern by opting for slim or skinny fit styles with natural tones like beige, grey or olive green. Try to shy away from oversized or baggy styles (unless you want that 90s aesthetic), as they can typically make your outfit look unrefined and messy.

For a timeless look, pair your new cargo pants with a fitted crew neck tree (either simple and plain or featuring a cool print design) in a complementary hue. Add an extra flair to your look by rolling up your sleeves and team with sleek low profile white sneakers – this stylish contrast between rugged cargo pants and understated clean trainers is a sleek sophisticated look.

Mix And Match Textures

Always try and experiment with your outfits by mixing and matching different textures – cotton, denim, and leather can be combined to create a visually impressive ensemble with layers of depth. If you are looking for an example, pair a classic-fitting denim jacket with a lightweight button shirt and then complete the style by rolling up the jacket sleeves and untucking the shirt. Keeping with the denim theme, add some leather accessories such as a belt, cuff or wristwatch that can create a stunning chic blend of rough denim and polished leather.

The fashion world has almost endless possibilities, so try different things, and you may be surprised by what works!

Embrace The Power Of Layers

Layering is a technique that often gets unused, even though it can be vital to achieving a fantastic casual ensemble. Start with a great base, such as a plain crew t-shirt or lightweight sweater. Add a middle layer like a quality cardigan or button-up shirt. Always remember to ensure each layer is complementary in colours and fabrics.

Finally, grab a structured blazer or smart-casual jacket to complete your layered outfit – giving off a very polished appearance with an extra touch of elegance.

Footwear Choices

Footwear choice is crucial when dressing in a chic casual style. Plain sneakers in neutral tones are a safe go-to. However, loafers, chukkas or suede Chelsea boots (my personal choice!) are excellent alternatives, too, and still tick off those comfort boxes.

Whatever footwear you choose, make sure they are well-maintained and clean – worn-out footwear (especially sneakers) can ruin the overall fashionable look you are trying to achieve.

Accessorise Effectively

Use different accessories to help create that casual vibe – simple, understated pieces would be the ideal option, as they can enhance your outfit while making sure not to appear too bold or flashy. Jewellery works amazingly – rings, bracelets, necklaces, or a Swiss automatic watch.

Also, throw a statement accessory into the mix, such as a standout scarf or a pair of eye-catching designer sunglasses, which can add an extra sparkle of personality – remember to keep everything subtle, as with all things, less is more.

Pay Attention To Fit

Wearing well-fitting clothes is one of the most critical aspects in fashion (not just in the casual wear bracket) – avoid baggy styles (although oversized components can offer a great look when paired against slimmer pieces) as you can appear unkempt. On the flip side, too tight clothing can look very unflattering, so try to get an agreeable middle ground.

Splash the cash and invest in tailored clothing made for your exact body shape, which will instantly level up your wardrobe – blazers, trousers, and t-shirts look wonderful with a perfect fit. Alternatively, off-the-peg clothes can be adjusted by a local professional tailor.

Choose A Statement Piece

Statement pieces can raise your fashion game instantly – designer accessories, bold shirts or even a pair of fabulous shoes or boots. No matter what you select, pick out one item to take centre stage and then build the remainder of your outfit around it.

If you are looking for an example, rock a colourful shirt and pair it with neutral skinny-fit trousers and plain boots – this will create a memorable look using just that one key item without falling into the trap of going overboard.

Invest In Timeless Pieces

To round up, put aside some of your hard-earned cash and invest in several timeless wardrobe staples; pieces that never go out of style include a premium crisp white shirt, a tailored smart blazer and a pair of quality denim jeans (dark indigo or even distressed stone-wash). Clothing items like these can easily be mixed and matched with various outfits without too much effort, ideal for the busy go-getter.

When crafting a chic casual look, you need to find balance and make a note of attention to detail – casual cargo trousers, a mix of textures, layering, correct footwear, selecting stylish accessories, ensuring a tailored fit with statement components and timeless pieces and you will be well on your way into fashion masterclass. Remember to note my advice in this guide, and check back for more articles like this soon.


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