Lusso Leather Jackets Review

Lusso Leather Jackets Review

Leather Jackets for men are an essential addition to your wardrobe, timeless classics that provide an extraordinary level of cool when worn. In my latest fashion blog review, I will check out two models from the Russo Leather brand and discuss my thoughts about their style, design and quality. Keep reading to find out more.

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Lusso Leather offers a fantastic range of jackets, coats, bags and accessories. Their products are stated as providing a high level of quality, all at a much more affordable price point compared to the competition. They pride themselves on fit and even offer customisation in which they take your exact measurements to craft something unique to your frame and one that will provide you with an excellent fit. As a side note, their name Lusso translates to “Luxury” in Italian.

Additionally, they are keen to commit to ethical manufacturing practices, keeping waste and energy usage minimal and ensuring they avoid child labour and low-paid wages in their workforce.

In my following review, I will be checking out two of their most popular pieces, the Royd’s Rust and Wilder Black Leather Jackets.

Wilder Black Leather Jacket With Removable Hood

This jacket toes the line perfectly between casual and smart, thanks to the pairing of leather body and internal cotton fabric hoodie. The jacket features a zip-up fastening, funnel neck design, and chest and side zippered pockets for extra storage (plus space to fit your hands in when the temperature drops). The addition of the hood is fantastic! If you rock this jacket during the winter, and the cool breeze starts to hit hard you need only pull the hood up to protect your head from the elements.

This jacket is an ideal candidate for a superb street-style ensemble – think skinny-fit denim paired with sneakers or Chelsea boots. Go extra casual with a matching baseball cap and shades, showcasing the epitome of cool in the process!

Boyd’s Rust Leather Jacket With Ribbed Cuffs

You can never go wrong with a brown jacket, especially when it oozes style and finesse like the Boyd. The leather has an almost distressed feel, thanks to the rusty appearance (almost giving off a 70s feel, which is always a bonus!). The jacket includes side pockets for your hands and daily essentials. The style is a traditional zip-up with a sharp collar and ribbing along the cuffs and hem (allowing for a closer, tighter fit).

You have various outfit options available with this jacket, but my top choice would be medium blue denim with tan boots and a simple thin knit or button-up – aviators and jewellery can only add to that retro feel.


When you feel the leather in your hands, you know you are dealing with premium products. The quality is sublime, from the fabrics, construction and design (with no flaws to be seen even with a fine tooth comb!).


For sizing, I opted for my standard size of a small, which was a great fit for both jackets – snug without being overly tight, and the sleeve and jacket lengths were pretty much bang on, too. Additionally, Lusso Leather offer a custom option when placing your order, so you can input your exact specifications to get a made-to-measure fit.

Value For Money

Leather jackets are typically in the higher price range, yet somehow, Lusso Leather has managed to keep the costs down and the quality level at a very high standard. Plus, they always offer fantastic offers if you check their site regularly!


If you want to add new leather items to your men’s wardrobe, look no further than Lusso Leather – their never-ending collection offers super fashionable pieces with exceptional levels of quality and tip-top sizing, all at a money-saving price point! Go check them out now!


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