Essential Fashion Items For Men To Create A Casual Chic Style

Essential Fashion Items For Men To Create A Casual Chic Style

Casual outfits for men consist of items that can be effortlessly worn with minimal effort. Choose timeless pieces that can be matched with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. Casual chic, by definition, should fall under the category of something you are happy to wear every day.

With so much inspiration available from around the world – fashion designers, celebrities, models and now influencers- there are many ways to gain tips for casual men’s outfits. But even so, sometimes a simple yet classic look can go a long way (such as a basic printed tee paired with khaki trousers and sneakers).

Decoding Casual-Chic Style For Men

If you want to upgrade your wardrobe by adding various capsule pieces, then my latest men’s fashion blog post is here to help. Capsule clothing is a relatively new term that is used to describe something ‘basic’, such as solid-coloured clothes. Even so, there are little to no rules regarding men’s style (as long it looks good!). Remember to pair your ensemble to what suits your hair, face shape and body physique. Keep to your trademark style but remember to mix it up once in a while to add some versatility.

10 Essential Basic Fashion Items For Men

White Button Down Shirt

Simply put, a slim-fit tailored shirt is one of the essential items you must own. It can be worn smartly with a tie and belt and casually in a half-tucked fashion. With long-sleeve and short-sleeve styles available, a white shirt is suitable no matter the temperature.

Smart Casual Blazer

A classic blazer is ideal for livening up an otherwise basic outfit – throw over a shirt and trousers to give instant smart appeal. If you feel dandy, pair it with a roll-neck jumper for a stand-out look. Choose a linen blazer in the summer (to keep cool) and tweed for winter to stay nice and warm.

Casual Jackets

One easy way to keep your style on trend is with various casual jackets. Bomber jackets, for example, are a great item to throw on easily in a pinch yet still ensure you look fashionable. An aviator jacket is another great idea to pick from, which can be paired with skinny jeans and boots, creating an on-trend outfit.

Tailored Suit

Every stylish man deserves a well-tailored suit in his clothing collection. If you select a simple colour (Black/grey/navy), you can create almost endless outfit styles using different ties, pocket squares and shoes.


Overcoats (especially during the Autumn and Winter seasons) are essential, both to keep warm but also to look the part. Long coats have an unrivalled elegance and work well with a turtleneck jumper and skinny jeans. If you are unsure about colour choices, then the classic camel is a good bet! Other choices would be charcoal, navy or olive!

Casual Knitwear

Jumpers and chunky knitwear never go out of fashion and ensure you stay warm during the cold weather. There are almost unlimited colours to choose from, but for this season, I would pick out darker tones, including browns, greens and burgundy.


Hoodies have come a long way since they were only associated with sports – now, they can spice up a simple urban look, especially when paired with a denim or leather jacket.

Dark Denim

Darker denim jeans are one of the easiest to pair, matching almost anything. A crew neck jumper and leather jacket make for an excellent look; otherwise, pair them with a deep-coloured button-down shirt to go smart-casual.

Light Denim

Lighter denim is often a tricky beast, as cheaper models can look bad (especially when the pre-distressing looks very fake!). If you get a good pair, you are golden, matching well with suede Chelsea boots or cool sneakers.

Brown Brogue Shoes

Tan lace-up shoes are chic and timeless and can be rocked with trousers for a nice formal look or even dark denim for a striking smart-casual getup.

Bottom Line

It is best to pick out some classics for your wardrobe rather than select trends which go out of fashion in a heartbeat. This way, you can work to your budget and keep everything versatile while adding a few stand-out pieces. But also remember, wear whatever you are comfortable with; keep it stylish!


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