Pala Leather Wool Collar Leather Bomber Jacket Review

Pala Leather Wool Collar Leather Bomber Jacket Review

You can never have too many leather jackets in your wardrobe; in my latest blog post review, I take a look at the Pala Leather Wool Collar Bomber Jacket, which has a style largely different from my usual choices! Read on to find out more.

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Pala Leather is a well-established brand founded in 1890, so with that kind of history, you can be sure to expect unbelievable quality. In addition, their online store offers a massive range of products to choose from for both men and women, with practically any style you can imagine available to you.

For the purpose of my review, I will be taking a look at the Fur Wool Collar Bomber Jacket, which is one of their most popular items.

Style & Design

The jacket has a very striking look, harking back to classic looks of fighter pilots with the fur collar and airforce style patches (extra relevant at the moment thanks to the Top Gun sequel hitting the cinema screens!).

The jacket is crafted using 100% goatskin for the outer body of the leather, soft but also tough, ensuring a long life of wear and tear. The wool fur collar is removable, depending on your preference (or the weather). This type of jacket is definitely in the more casual bracket; paired with denim jeans and boots would make for a fantastic look!


Pala Leather offers a full range of sizes available (including custom), but I chose my standard size of a small. The fit was excellent, snug and well fitted but not too tight to look awkward or restrict any movement. You can be safe in picking out your regular size when choosing anything from their store.

Value For Money

There is no question that the brand’s jackets sit at a higher than standard high-street store’s price points; however, the quality is top tier with lots of details and features. It is definitely money well spent, and the sturdiness of the leather will give you years of satisfaction.


If you are looking for a new leather jacket for your collection, then check out Pala Leather – offering a vast selection of beautifully designed and fantastic quality outerwear pieces. Give them a try!

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*Partnership with Pala Leather / Opinions are my own.


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