Leather Compositions Wallet / Card Holder Review

Leather Compositions Wallet / Card Holder Review

Wallets and cardholders for men are not only a useful daily tool to keep your plastic and money stored all in one place but also can be a desirable fashion accessory. Leather Compositions have taken this idea and ran with it, offering luxurious hand-made leather accessories that are certainly easy on the eye! In my latest review, I will be taking a look at a handful of their items.

The Leather Compositions brand was formed by founder Jonathan O’Hare during the height of the pandemic, leaving his long-term position in the stress-filled logistics sector! However, Jonathan was always interested in leatherwork, following in his grandfather’s footsteps, who learned the trade during his time in the army. He continued using this newfound skill to create small leather goods and mend shoes and boots upon leaving the military. As a young boy, Jonathan would observe his grandfather hand-stitching leather using an awl and pin-wheel, tips and tricks he would later find invaluable when starting his own leather company.

Jonathan’s aim with the brand is to focus on products that are 100% hand-made, with no machinery used in the production process, believing the quality shines through with items made entirely by hand. Once his brand has been established, he plans for bigger and better things, including opening a workshop to teach and pass on his skills to the next generation.

For the purpose of my review, I will be taking a look at the following –

Italian Buttero Leather Wallet

The bifold wallet features 8 card slots and a full-sized notes compartment and divider. The fabric is luxurious Buttero leather, imported from the Conceria Walpier Tannery in Italy, which has been coloured using a pure vegetable tan for a consistent finish. The pocket lining uses ripstop nylon, and the wallet features a linen thread throughout for an elegant finish. The outer section of the wallet is a gorgeous light, almost orange/yellow-tan that beautifully complements the deep navy interior.

Charter house Cardholder

The slim cardholder is bathed in a gorgeous green, instantly standing out as soon as you unveil it. The leather accessory features two external pockets along with the main centre pocket. The cardholder is entirely handmade; the edges are finished using a 26 stage process, ensuring nothing less than a top-quality product.

Whitworth card holder blue shell

The second cardholder in this feature boasts an effective yet simple design, coloured in deep navy blue on the outside, yet a flamboyant orange hue is used inside for a popping effect. The cardholder is finished using a hand-painted process for a glossy finish.

Each of these items is available with custom alterations, ensuring a truly unique piece for your collection.

Style & Design

The leather wallets and accessories from Leather Compositions undoubtedly hold a timeless and stylish appearance, comprising handmade quality and full functionality. Baring no unsightly logo or branding, just the bare-bones beautiful leather colouring and stitching on-show. Each piece has the option of striking colours depending on your own personal style. Thanks to the simple yet effective design, each of the available accessories will pair with practically any outfit you care to wear that day.


The quality on offer is second to none, with nary a thread out of place or flaw to be seen alongside the accessories I have witnessed up close from the brand. Each item is again hand-made by a top-quality artisan, which shows in the final product.

Value For Money

With quality comes a price to pay, but I have always stated that you pay for what you get. In this case, beautifully hand-crafted leather wallets and cardholders within the UK at this level are hard to come by; plus, with the time taken to make such items, the price points are more than reasonable. Additionally, this type of leather will only get better with age, attracting little touches of wear and tear over time, adding even more character to what are already sublime looking pieces.


In summary, these leather items are truly amazing – fantastic designs, outstanding quality with a more than reasonable price point for wallets and cardholders that will last a lifetime. So if you are looking for a new fashionable item or even a gift for a loved one, look no further than the Leather Compositions collection of accessories.

What are your thoughts on this collection? Let me know in the comments section on my men’s fashion blog, or send me a message!

*Partnership with Leather Compositions / Opinions are my own.


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