An Interview With Haelf – The Science Company

An Interview With Haelf The Science Company

Even now, health issues for men are often taboo subjects for them to talk about, particularly sex health issues or hair loss; fortunately, companies like Haelf aim to change this and allow men to talk more freely and combat the problems using their own range of products. In my latest post, I interview the team behind the brand to find out more!

What was the idea in creating Haelf?

Based on the principle ‘scientific evidence first’, Michael Bartenstein has launched the brand out of Vienna, Austria in 2020. Since day one, the brand’s objective has been to provide personalised, clinically-proven treatments of the finest quality; the team strives to empower broader wellbeing by opening the floor to talk about things that aren‘t easy and at times potentially even embarrassing. The range of treatments consists of both proprietary and sourced product innovations – all of which are catered to clients through a utilitarian platform at The platform addresses the core pain points for today’s patients. The aim is to continue the process of building Europe’s first digitally native, fully verticalized, multi-condition health platform and consumer brand, thereby providing access to high quality, integrated care from beginning to end. Importantly, each of Haelf’s product concepts begins in their lab facilities and not in a marketing department, which is communicated by the brand title Haelf – THE SCIENCE COMPANY.

Could you tell me about your team?

Haelf is led by a visionary founder and scientific experts in the field of medicine and pharmacology who take pleasure in developing and eventually providing the most advanced healthcare solutions to our clients in a convenient manner. Above all, our brand unites telemedicine, product development and pharmacy services under one umbrella. Our team is made up of medical doctors, pharmacologists, translators and designers who are continuously creating and marketing effective and safe treatments. Our team is led by Michael, our founder, who oversees all parts of our brand’s strategy and day-to-day business operations. At the core, our scientific experts guide the development pipeline and selection of product portfolios for all medical conditions we serve. When it comes to our service offering, we partner with highly qualified doctors in both the EU and the UK in order to provide the best possible treatment to patients. Our doctors are also available for any follow-up checks needed or questions arising from patients at any point in time.
What can your company offer to the market compared traditional treatments on the market?
While one of the most striking innovations embedded in our brand is the fact that we eliminate stigmas around embarrassing health and wellness issues such as hair loss for men or sexual health, our biggest value is to solve those issues with clinically proven treatments only, so patients only get what truly works. Our pharmacy and prescription medicines are all approved by official regulatory bodies such as the MHRA in the UK, ensuring that each of our treatments comes with a statistically proven effect.
In essence, we want to break down barriers for people when it comes to obtaining supplements, pharmacy medicine and prescription medicine in order to increase their wellbeing. We are convinced – and this is supported by data – that patients who are more actively involved in their own wellbeing and overall health achieve better results while contributing lower costs to the healthcare system overall. The supply chain of the healthcare system in place is complex and inefficient. Most importantly, we witness that many struggle to not only obtain effective treatments, but even more so lack even the most basic understanding of what the tablet they are taking actually does to them, why it works and why other treatment options won’t work.
This is a communication problem that science per se, and healthcare even more specifically, have. And this simply needs to be changed, which is why Haelf has come into existence. No gimmicks, no snake oil, no false promises. Only what works, prescribed by highly qualified medical doctors, shipped to one’s doorstep within 1-2 business days.
Whats is next for Haelf?
Going forward, we aim to broaden our product offering to additional chronic medical conditions such as allergies, migraine or gut health. Moreover, we are working very hard each day in order to expand our geographic reach to more markets across the EU. With these ambitious goals in mind comes the continuous expansion of our team and resources on hand. On the product side, we have very promising internal product innovations in our pipeline, which we aim to launch in the coming weeks while also increasing our reach through partnerships with like-minded ventures and brands in different areas such as diagnostics.
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