Interview With E-bikes Brand – Aventon

Interview With E-bikes Brand – Aventon

As the world is becoming more and more eco-friendly, many people are turning their attention to e-bikes and their ilk! With that in mind, check out my latest lifestyle blog review, in which I find out more about Aventon. Read on to find out more!

What was the idea in creating Aventon?

Aventon’s founder wanted to make mobility accessible to more people at polite price points that didn’t require quality and features to be sacrificed. At the time of designing Aventon’s eBike line, he became aware of price point and category gaps in the market; In their search for a value-packed commuter bike, most people were priced out completely and had to resort to the used bike market or low-quality big box store bikes.

What is your favourite range or item in the Aventon collection?

All of them are for different use cases, but personally, I love my Level. It has all the power I need to zip around my neighbourhood, where I have tons of access to shopping and restaurants. Unfortunately, I live in a pretty busy suburban area. If I lived somewhere a little more remote or with more open spaces, I’d definitely opt for an Adventure!

With many brands in this ebike market, what keeps Aventon head and shoulders above the competition?

Intentionality! In aesthetic and product design, in understanding and creating eBikes with a primary focus on customer feedback and with the help of a team of employees that truly love the Aventon brand and products and who use them in their personal lives.

What is coming soon from Aventon?

We are excited for further eBike line extensions into some new categories that go beyond commuter bikes. Also, stay on the lookout for brand extensions and collaborations with others who share our values and desire to see the e-mobility market grow and not just get more people on bikes but to get more people moving in clean, healthy, and sustainable ways. Join The Movement! 😉

Thank you, Aventon, for your replies to my questions! Readers, what are your thoughts after reading the interview? Please let me know in the comments section below!


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