Choosing A Car To Match Your Style

Choosing A Car To Match Your Style

For a fashionable man about town, driving a car that fits in with your personal style is essential. In my latest lifestyle article, I will be offering some insight into what you need to look out for to ensure that your vehicle suits your aesthetic; continue reading to find out more.

A car reflects your overall style and status – would you want to roll up in an old banger spluttering black smoke or the latest sports number with a gleaming paint job and a humming engine?

Selecting The Right Model

First on the agenda is to pick the perfect car for you – depending on your style, you could opt for a very classic British vehicle such as a Jaguar (or Aston Martin if money is no object!). Alternatively, Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, or Mazda offer something sporty and cool (ideal for casual streetwear lovers). You could always opt for a German model from BMW, Audi, or Mercedes if you want that touch of luxury, thanks to their premium features and quality craftsmanship. Additionally, if you are a high-flyer in the fashion industry, a top-of-the-range sports car (Ferrari or Maserati) can only serve to rev up your business as it will showcase your alluring style to customers, staff, and clients alike.

Choosing Your Car Colour

Once you have settled on a car model, the next thing is the colour, which is crucial to get right, as it will be what corresponds to your regular outfit choices. Will you go for an understated paint job in silver, black, white, or even navy? Ideal for guys who rock classic formal attire such as three-piece suits, smart knits, crisp trousers, and sleek loafers. Alternatively, choose a flashy splash of paint with vibrant reds, yellows, or even bright blue or green! This colour scheme is more at home for guys who wear various styles, from casual street looks to skinny denim and blazer ensembles.

Interior Style And Features

The inside of the car is just as important as the outside – start with the interior and fabrics, so select a shade that matches the outer colour and your wardrobe. Picture yourself sitting in your new motor, head to toe, in a bespoke suit in total harmony against the leather upholstery. In our modern age, many car brands have included a number of futuristic additions, such as allowing you to change the colour of the internal lights on the fly (depending on your mood). Additionally, consider if you want to add a touch of class to the proceedings by using a wood-grain style design paired with brass-style fixtures. Finally, add top-of-the-range audio-visual tech to ensure you are entertained during long road trips (many new-age vehicles include touch screens or even voice controls).

When searching for a new car, remember to research and choose a motor that fits your unique tastes and styles, along with a colour scheme that matches your wardrobe collection. Note the key points in this latest article, and you will soon be able to hit the road in the perfect car for your fashionable needs.


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