How To Keep Your Feet Comfortable In Designer Shoes

How To Keep Your Feet Comfortable In Designer Shoes

Premium brand shoes and sneakers may look the part, but unfortunately, they often suffer from style over substance (or, in this case, comfortability!). My latest article offers several ways to protect your feet from painful designer footwear. Continue reading to find out more.

I’ve owned more than a few pairs of designer shoes from different brands over the years, and despite a few exceptions, they all have something in common – they hurt your feet! Many pairs have actually ripped up my heels so severely that I’ve often taken spare ‘comfy’ trainers with me to swap over when needed! Fortunately, in my latest fashion blog post, I will offer a few tips to allow you to enjoy expensive footwear and keep your precious feet intact!

Socks Save The Day

One of the best ways to protect your feet in designer shoes is to wear the correct socks for the job. Thicker pairs are ideal if your footwear is a little loose; they will keep your foot snug inside so they don’t move around too much and cause irritation (which, if left unchecked, can soon turn into ripped skin and blisters). Slim-style socks are ideal for tighter shoes, creating a barrier against rubbing, and are typically more fashion-forward in design. For low-profile sneakers, you may want to have your ankles showing when paired with cropped skinny jeans or trousers – however, you may consider going sockless to get the ‘look’; however, this is unwise as designer trainers will often tear your feet to shreds! Instead, grab some no-show/invisible socks to get the sleek European style without risking your feet!

The Benefits Of Shoe Inserts

Another great way to keep your feet safe and sound in high-price footwear is via a range of different shoe inserts. From no-slip grips (to protect against your foot slipping and, in turn, dragging against the inside of the shoe) to back-of-heel cushioning to offer a wall against the back of the shoe (which, in my experience, is one of the areas most at risk from rubbing!). You could even opt for inserts for heels, which you position at the base of the shoe lining, defending you against all sorts of foot problems such as ball of foot issues or delicate soles.

Back-Up Pairs

I touched upon this earlier in my post, and it is something I stand by! It may sound like a joke, but if you are worried that your designer shoes or sneakers will hurt your feet (especially if you plan a long day out), take a pair of comfortable trainers as a back-up. As soon as you feel the tell-tale sign of impending shoe pain, stop what you are doing and simply swap them over before too much damage is done. Of course, it is essential to use replacement shoes that still match your current outfit (after all, we still need to look the part!).

With these handy tips, you will be more than well prepared to enjoy your new fashionable shoes without worrying too much about suffering for your art with awful foot discomfort and pain! You will be rocking down the street in the latest catwalk pieces, knowing your feet are well-protected for that big event, meeting, or party.


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