Clive Christian Queen Anne Rock Rose Collection And Travel Case Review

Clive Christian Queen Anne Rock Rose Collection And Travel Case Review

Time for another review on my men’s fashion blog, this time I will be focusing my attention onto the Clive Christian Queen Anne VII Rock Rose Noble Collection – featuring a unique design aesthetic, but will the scent match the artistic packaging? Read on to find out more.

Before we delve into the review, I will first give a brief rundown on the brand.

Way back in 1872, a company named – The Crown Perfumery was established in London, but not only that Queen Victoria granted the brand exclusive permission to use the crown on its bottles. Even to this day, their beautifully designed bottles feature this same iconic symbol.

The Queen was a huge fan of the exotic ingredients used within the brand’s perfumes, even having her own ‘Crown Essence’ made just for her to enjoy. By 1879, the Crown Perfumery was exporting hundreds of thousands of bottles throughout 49 countries around the world (notably, even mentioned in the logs of the doomed Titanic in 1912).

Despite the fame and success, they ceased trading in 1937 and largely forgotten until a series of events unfolded towards the end of the century. Firstly the name was sold on in 1989 by Unilever then subsequently revived in 1993 when a new boutique opened. It wasn’t until 1999 when Clive Christian OBE took ownership and breathed new energy and life into the brand, with a mix of new products as well as relaunching old classics, the brand has never been more successful and popular. Royalty, Hollywood stars and musical legends can all be counted as huge fans of the perfume brand.

With this fantastic backstory behind them, I felt it was the perfect time to discover Clive Christian Perfumes for myself and review one of their most popular products on my men’s style blog.

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*Paid Partnership with Clive Christian / Opinions are my own.


The Clive Christian perfume vials are excellently designed, transparent so you can see the contents, but also with a gold top ensuring that it has a royal flavour. Overall, their design is simplified but with a touch of class.

The individual vials gel perfectly with the travel case, which to me is the stand out product for both of these packages — manufactured using a sturdy metal coated in a beautiful gold colouring, entwined with contrasting black sections. The lid of the case contains a strong magnet to ensure it locks on until you need to remove it. Inside the case, there is a slot to slide in one of the vials from the Queen Anne Noble Collection (it will also fit with any of the brand’s other bottles), which allows you to carry your favourite scent around safely without risk of damage or breakages.


The Queen Anne VII Rock Rose Noble Collection contains three vials inside the packaging, which include the infamous Rock Rose scent — flavoured using aromatic bergamot and black pepper which is said to have been inspired by the Queen Anne Gardens. After your first spray, you will understand the level of quality guaranteed from the Clive Christian brand, offering a 25% perfume concentration, your senses will be enthralled by the strong but not overly powerful fragrance this collection will bestow upon you.

Each of these pocked sized vials will give you 100 sprays, more than enough to last you for a jet-set lifestyle.


As with all things under the Clive Christian label, the packaging exudes quality. Before you can even reach the contents, you first must remove the outer black wrapping garnished with gold ribbon and also a melted wax stamp to hold it all together (the addition of the wax is a lovely touch, alluding to the companies past). The boxes for both the Queen Anne set and the carry case share a similar design; both feature a classic cream outer body with embossed print on each with metallic red ink or gold separating the pair. Once opened, each of the boxes contains the same colours albeit with a higher density, so you are instantly greeted with a wave of vibrant red or gold. The products inside each box (the perfume vials or the carry case) are held in securely, so no worries on them becoming loose during transit.


The Queen Anne VII Rock Rose Collection and travel case would make a perfect gift for a loved one, its quality is undeniable, and the scent is a joy for your senses, held together within a beautiful package. If you are looking for quality perfume, then look no further than Clive Christian.

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*Partnership with Clive Christian / Opinions are my own.


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