Pop Of Red Winter Outfit With Debenhams

Pop Of Red Winter Outfit With Debenhams

Winter is in full swing, and its partner in crime is the dark and dull weather, I felt it was my duty to liven up my wardrobe with some vibrant coloured clothing choices – read on to find out more!

If you are a regular reader on my men’s fashion blog, you will no doubt be accustomed to my style, which is mostly muted affairs typically bathed in browns, greys, blacks and whites so this new look will be somewhat of a surprise! Not to say that I never wear bright colours, but it is usually limited to something small like an accessory or jewellery. I generally never wear anything as bold as a winter overcoat as seen in these photos (if by chance you decided to read the text before looking at the images, not likely, but maybe you have a dial-up connection, and you can see a wall of text!).


I teamed up with Debenhams to get the exact outfit I desired, picking out a number of different colourful items along with classic darker accessories to obtain a striking contrast. First up is the main statement piece of the ensemble, which is the Burtons Overcoat In Cherryade Red (even the delicious-sounding name made me want to see it for myself in person!). Next up we have a burgundy turtle neck sweater which is also from Burton, the darker red of the knit sits wonderfully next to the lighter shade of the coat, the raised neck section protruding upwards past the collar for a fashionably on-trend appearance.
I accompanied the base items with a charcoal scarf fringed scarf (from Debenhams own collection) and dark grey gloves (again from Burtons), this use of grey complemented the two reds without ruining the pop of colour already established in the outfit.
I completed the look with a pair of Loake Black Chelsea Boots; the UK manufactured footwear boasts a clean and sleek appearance topping off the ensemble effortlessly.

Item List –


I used a new area of the city for these images, despite using Bath regularly for shoots; this was a section which is usually difficult to utilise due to a large number of people who congregate here. Fortunately, it was the middle of the week, and a lot of people would be at work/school, even so, it was still challenging, and we had to do several re-shoots!

What do you think of this colourful (at least for me!) Winter overcoat style outfit? Let me know in the comments section below!

*Gifted items from Debenhams / Opinions are my own.


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