Gift Boxes For Christmas 2019

Gift Boxes For Christmas 2019

I always had big ideas of creating images with a Christmas vibe, but I inevitably failed to get everything planned as the big day approached, this year I planned ahead of time and was determined to get it done!

If you take a gander at the images, you can see that my main props were a selection of gift boxes complete with a contrasting ribbon effect. I took inspiration from classic movies and photographs which always showed a man carrying gift boxes down a city street (usually during the holiday season), so I wanted to try and replicate that in some way.

It was surprisingly difficult to obtain packaging that ticked all the boxes (pun intended!), even searching the internet was a long process. I had almost given up hope till I came across Gift Bag Shop who stocks a large variety of different options, including pearlised boxes which have a shiny and sparkly effect (I chose this type in ivory for a classic appearance). Along with the different colours, there is a large number of different shapes on offer too (something else that was very difficult to find elsewhere!). I was so happy with their online inventory options, I even chose the satin red ribbon from the same company too, as I wanted it to be of similar quality.

Once I had the boxes in hand and made them up (they arrive flat packed), we set out to get the photos done. As it was during a weekday, much of the city was unusually quiet and empty, the area I planned to use was almost deserted. The whole shoot was over quickly and efficiently (something that cannot be said for the majority of our outfit shoots!) thanks to a lack of pedestrian interference and ideal weather conditions. We did encounter the odd passerby who commented on how pretty the boxes looked, but these were pleasant and welcome comments rather than the usual stop and stares our shoots usually attract.

Overall, everything turned out all ok; the packaging was top quality, the shoot went smoothly, and I am happy with how the images turned out. Maybe next year I can be a little more extravagant on my mens fashion blog, although, I’m not sure what that would entail at this moment! What do you think of my festive style post? Is it something you would like to see more of in the future? Merry Christmas!


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