How To Care For Your Luxury Car

How To Care For Your Luxury Car

Owning a luxury car is undoubtedly an extension of your personal style – walking out rocking your latest three-piece suit, Italian loafers, and Swiss watch, only to slip effortlessly into your high-end motorcar for the day ahead. However, it is imperative you take care of it to ensure it stays tip-top. In my latest lifestyle article, I will list important points to adhere to that will keep your car at the top of its game. Continue reading to find out more.

You must be mindful of numerous things when owning a premium car, from keeping it clean to keeping an eye on fuel efficiency. Below I will list seven key points that will keep your vehicle running smoothly and looking better (additionally, this will also help in the future if you decide to sell up).

Proactive Maintenance

Even though balancing a work and social lifestyle can take a lot of time, you must not ignore car warning lights or odd sounds, as this can be costly in the long run. Be proactive when dealing with car maintenance, identifying problems as soon as they appear. Keeping your car clean (either by yourself or a professional) is also essential – residue build-up like tree sap can easily damage the paintwork if left unattended. You could even go one better and go to a luxury car wash specialist so that only the best premium products are used on your car.


Another critical point is the weight in your car, as this can significantly negatively impact efficiency. Over time you may fall into the temptation trap of storing too many items in your vehicle – try and stick to only essentials and keep unused items in the home instead. When you have free time, clean out your car of these unwanted bits and pieces to improve fuel efficiency.


Tyres can be a big part of improving your car’s fuel efficiency, so it is essential to keep them in excellent condition and check that they are well-inflated, helping to hold the fuel consumption at a lower level.

If your tyres are starting to age, replacing them may be a good idea, opting for high-quality rubber. You could consider investing in Pirelli tyres so they will last longer and give you more bang for your buck.

Driving Habits

Treating your premium vehicle carefully, especially on the road, can help with fuel efficiency. Keeping your speed at a consistent level and avoiding any heavy braking can help wonders. On the motorway (or freeway if you are in America), take advantage of the cruise control that many modern cars have built-in, as this will help with that smooth drive for long journeys.


As we are in the middle of summer, you will be keen to drive with the windows down for that cool breeze! However, this is fine if going slow and casually, but at a higher speed, this can cause a significant wind resistance that will use much of your precious fuel, so try to use air conditioning on those sunny days.


If you spend a lot of time driving through big cities, you will likely encounter traffic, and regular stopping and starting can strain your car’s engine as more fuel is burnt. Try and plan your route as best as possible to help avoid the heavy traffic areas and, if possible, keep away from typical rush hour times.


Avoid your engine struggling in low gear, which will negatively impact fuel efficiency. Ensure you are always in the correct gear to get the most value for your fuel (and try not to over-rev, too!).

Hopefully, these latest tips will help keep your luxury car running as well as possible! Take note of the different points in this article to ensure you get the most out of fuel (which is only going up in price year in and year out). What are your thoughts on my latest post? Please let me know in the comments below if you want to see more articles like this.


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