How To Plan A Winter Party

How To Plan A Winter Party

As we enter the colder months, yet still want to enjoy a get-together with friends and family, it is time to plan for a winter-inspired party! In my latest article, I offer a few tips on how to make it a success! Carry on reading to learn more.

Winter is a time for wrapping up warm to keep that chill at bay! Yet often, it allows the fashion lovers amongst us to dress well (one of the best seasons for clothing choices thanks to winter coats, oversized knits and lots of layering!). However, if you want to create an incredible winter party, this can be implemented into the event (especially if you plan to have it spill out into the outside, too!).

Following my top tips below will give you a great head start on planning for your winter party!

Winter Decor

When decorating for your December party, keep everything cosy yet stylish with warm and inviting colour tones of brown, beige and a pop of red! Dimmed lighting will help to keep everything subtle yet effective, ideal for great photo opportunities with your fashionista friends and acquaintances!

Depending on how close to Christmas your event is scheduled, the decor can feature a mix of sparkly decorations and twinkling lights – remember to avoid anything too garish; muted colour tones keep everything fashionably on point. Be mindful not to forget the outside area of your party – outside lighting, furniture, and decorations are key to alerting your guests that your event is the place to be and memorable for months to come!

To add a touch of winter wonder to your December party decor, consider incorporating charming inflatables into your design scheme. These whimsical additions of winter inflatables can evoke a sense of seasonal magic without feeling overly promotional. Think about adorable snowman inflatables, gently glowing with LED lights, or elegant giant snowflakes suspended from the ceiling. These winter inflatables can effortlessly enhance the cosy and stylish atmosphere of your event, creating a memorable experience for your guests and serving as delightful photo backdrops.

Winter Dress Code

Formal wear (or smart-casual) would be the best choice for your guests, as those cold evenings suit the classic looks of knitwear or thick shirts paired with dark denim or sleek trousers. For footwear, your guests should opt for striking brogues or work-wear boots (for extra grip if the ground is slippy!) – remember that your friends need to keep nice and warm upon arriving at the destination, so big, warm coats or jackets are a must! Accessories such as scarves, hats and gloves can bring everything together as a cohesive whole.

The advantage of this dress code is that it will seamlessly blend into your indoors when your guests shed their coats and scarves and still look stylish for the evening ahead.

Winter Food & Drink

Keep your guests well-fed throughout the evening with a selection of hot tasty treats – soups, pizzas, chilli and even hot pots! Of course, coffee and cookies would also make for some great snacks. Additionally, a table full of finger food for your guests to pick and choose from would be ideal.

If your party is Christmas-themed, aim to have edibles that tick those festive boxes – Santa biscuits, snow-covered cakes, and reindeer lollies are just a few examples.

With these ideas ready, your winter party will keep your guests rockin’ around the Christmas tree all night! The talk of the IT crowd (at least till the next big event!). If you have your own ideas to add to my guide, feel free to post them in the comments section – I look forward to reading them.


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