Manscaped Collection Review

Manscaped Collection Review

In this day and age male grooming is a self-care ritual that more and more men are taking very seriously. However, it is not just general cleaning regimes that are popular, but also a closer shave in those more intimate areas which are also in vogue. Manscaped are currently one of the industry leaders in this sector, with many different products available – In my latest blog post review, I will be taking a closer look at some of their range.

The Lawn Mower 3.0

The flagship item from the Manscaped range is undoubtedly the Lawn Mower 3.0 – the electric trimmer for groin and body. As the number suggests, this is the third generation trimmer from the brand (with each model, they ensure better features and a closer and smoother shave). It didn’t take long to charge, plugging into its own docking charge port and be ready to use. The design of the trimmer is a treat for the eyes, smooth lines and edges, bathed in black with only the very smallest hint of branding. The shavers shape too ensures a comfortable fit in hand, which helps with grip when in use. The Lawn Mower boasts an adjustable guard with two different lengths depending on your preference.

When in use, I naturally had some reservations, but thanks to the SkinSafe technology and ceramic blade I had nothing to fear, it was a close and clean shave with very little in the way of issues to get a close shave. I was also pleasantly surprised that the device is totally waterproof, allowing for use in the bath or shower (I even submerged the trimmer under the water and it still turned on!).

Crop Cleansing Invigorating Hair And Body Wash

Every man needs a good hair and body wash, and Manscaped has released something into their range which ticks a lot of boxes! It was refreshing to use on both hair and skin, containing Aloe Vera and Sea Salt which are natural hydrators. Not only that, during use, and even afterwards, you are left with the striking signature scent from the brand.

Crop Preserver Ball Toner

Manscaped has also created a male deodorant for those more intimate regions, formulated for safe use below the waist. Rather than a spray, the contents drops into your hand as a quick-absorbing gel, talcum like in texture. It was cool on the skin, no doubt but you feel invigorated afterwards, and it is long-lasting, keeping your skin dry all day which in turn keeps you comfortable. Additionally, it dries clear, so no added worries when using.

Crop Reviver Ball Toner

The spray toner is a great companion product for the previously mentioned Crop Preserver, allowing your lower region to feel cool and protected, especially after a close shave. Like many of the Manscaped range, it contains Aloe Vera but also includes witch hazel, helping to relive your skin from inflammation and irritation.

The Shears 2.0

One of the stand out products from Manscaped is The Shears 2.0, a beautifully designed and packaged four-piece nail kit. Each of the included items has a luxury look and feel, with a tempered stainless steel finish. Since testing out and using the included tools, I was more than satisfied and have since included them in my regular grooming regime (plus, they slot into the accompanying small leather case, which can easily slip into your bag or luggage).

The kit contains –

  • Slant Tipped Tweezers
  • Rounded Point Scissors
  • Fingernail Clippers
  • Medium Grit Nail File

Crop Mop Ball Wipes

The ball wipes arrived packaged within a resealable bag, containing multiple individually wrapped wipes, once these tiny packets are opened, you are greeted with a very soft and moist woven wipe which is ready to use.

Once applied to your intimate areas, you instantly feel refreshed, especially after a long day in the office or even some type of activity (such as the gym or even a long-distance journey) when the use of a shower or bath is not available. The wipes feature a soft and cooling Aloe Vera contents and are also vegan and do not contain any dyes.

Foot Duster Deodorant

Next up we have the Foot Duster deodorant spray, packaged small and compact for easy transport. The contents were cool on the skin, but refreshing with a pleasing smell (Manscaped’s own signature scent). The solution features tea tree oil which aids in sweat defence and includes odour neutralisation.

Perfect Package 3.0

This package is the ideal gift set for someone special in your life, containing a selection of different products from their range.

  • Lawn Mower 3.0
  • Crop Preserver
  • Crop Reviver
  • Travel Bag (free gift)
  • Boxers (limited time)


After spending some time using the items from Manscaped, I came to the conclusion that they create some wonderful products, perfect for the on the go man who requires top-quality grooming. Whether it be the premium shaver or the luxury nail kit, the brand has covered all the bases, and you will be more than happy with any of your purchases from their collection of items. What are your thoughts of the Manscaped assortment of products? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Check Out The Full Manscaped Collection Here


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