Harp & Hill The Wayfarer Bag Review

Harp & Hill The Wayfarer Bag Review

Whether you are a suited and booted city gent or a fashionable man about town, owning a stylish duffle bag is an important addition to your wardrobe. In my latest men’s fashion blog review, I will be checking out the brand new Wayfarer Bag from upcoming brand Harp & Hill – Read on for more!

Harp & Hill is an exciting new brand, launching their range with the Wayfarer Bag which I am reviewing here. The brand, founded by Francesco Ruberti and Romans Ivanovs whose aim is to create travel bags and accessories with a luxury feel and quality but at a competitive price to many competitors. I will be taking a closer look at their launch piece and giving a full run down – keep reading to find out how I get on with their first foray into the world of bags and luggage.

Check Out The Harp & Hill – The Wayfarer Bag Here

Size & Shape

The overall size of the bag is both at once easy to carry, thanks to an untypical low weight but also large enough to ensure you can store more than your fair share of essentials. I was able to fit a large number of items including my laptop, camera equipment and accessories, toiletries and even a change of clothes. The Wayfarer proves that it is not just a bag for the office, but also more than suitable for a short notice weekend away.

The very moment your eyes glance across the Harp & Hill Wayfarer Bag, you will instantly be drawn to its sleek lines and overall shape. Designed flat bottomed to ensure stability when on the ground but boasting a curved body as you reach the very top of the duffle, certainly a stand out design compared to many contemporaries on the market.

Exact duffle bag measurements & weight –

  • Length – 18.5 inches
  • Width – 11 inches
  • Depth – 8.5 inches
  • Weight – 1.5kg


The Harp & Hill Wayfarer well and truly looks the part and you will fall for its looks and charms within minutes. Designed from head to toe in black lightweight microfibre leather and ballistic nylon, this bag is understated but still manages to stand out from the crowd (gathering looks from passersby throughout my time spent using the bag).

The main body of the bag features top access zippers; the first allows easy access to the full hold of the bag which is where you will store the majority of your essentials (which includes an internal luggage sleeve). The second zipper opens into a laptop sleeve (invaluable during travel so you can access your computer equipment with ease). On the front face of the bag, there are two smaller side pockets, ideally used for items you need to reach for in a hurry – think wallet, passport or even your smartphone.

The luggage handles include a clip, enabling you to lock them together, allowing you to grab the bag in a hurry. Additionally, the brand has included a detachable shoulder strap (although thanks to the soft leather and user-friendly design, it was something I have yet to use, but still its inclusion can only be a plus point!).

The duffle thankfully contains only the smallest amount of branding (often, rival companies feel the need to include their name as many times as possible) and instead the brand has seen fit that the design does the talking. The only visible branding is the metal logo on the front of the bag and also the Harp & Hill name, which is embossed into the leather on the back. Additionally, included in the package is a cream dust bag, allowing you to store the Wayfarer when not in use, to help keep it protected during storage.

Wearability & Usage

I touched on both of these topics earlier in the review, but to reiterate the duffle has a beautiful design, bathed with classic looks. The stylish appearance of the bag allows you to pair it with anything from a three-piece-suit or a casual sweater, jeans and boots, effortlessly complementing both looks with ease.

The bag features super soft leather to the touch, including the handles, so continual carrying throughout the day will be gentle on your hands. Thanks to all of the storage space and multiple pockets, the Wayfarer will be an invaluable tool for your day to day busy lifestyle, particularly thanks to the built-in USB 3.0 charge port (although the brand states you require your own charge packs, which is more than reasonable as almost everyone will have their own) allowing you to keep your tech items fully charged.

Value For Money

The bag sits at a $275 price-point, considering the calibre of the bag along with the additional pockets and features is more than reasonable. It is common-sense that to receive a quality product, you have to spend that little extra, but in doing so, you will reap the benefits and rewards of a purchase that will stand the test of time.


The Wayfarer duffle is a beautifully designed piece of luggage, offering a sleek design, exemplarily stylish with enough storage facilities to serve you both for work but also at play. Additionally, you are awarded the safety and security of a lifetime warranty against defects, a nice touch. If you are on the lookout for a new travel bag, I wholeheartedly recommend this new release; any upcoming travel plans will be made much simpler with the Harp & Hill Wayfarer by your side.

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*Partnership with Harp & Hill / Opinions are my own.


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