How To Organise A Fashionable Event

How To Organise A Fashionable Event

If you have been tasked with arranging an upcoming affair that is both exciting and on-trend, it can be challenging to bring it together as a cohesive whole. In my latest lifestyle blog post, I will suggest various ways to ensure it is a social hit! Continue reading to find out more.

There can be numerous reasons for organising an upcoming occasion – a marketing event, PR meeting, family get-together, wedding, or even just a good old-fashioned party! Whatever the reason, with my latest tips, you can make it the talk of the town.

Inflatable Arches

An inflatable arch can be a massive talking point at any event, a major stand-out feature, and can be seen as soon as your guests arrive. Originally, arches were used at athletic competitions featuring the race emblem, thus giving the competitors a sense of achievement once they passed underneath. In this day and age, inflatable arches can be used to add extra colour or style to an event and even be seen as a work of art.

Rather than rent a standard and often plain-looking structure, you could opt for something that stands out from the norm, such as inflatable arches customized by Floatie Kings, which can bring something unique to the table – vibrant colours, cool designs, and eye-catching prints.


One of the best ways to make a big event memorable is to keep your guests well-fed! Make sure there is a large amount of choice from small snacks to more substantial meals (ensure you cover all bases for vegetarian and vegan dishes, too) – you could even hire a waiter team, who will continually pace around the party with fancy food choices (one of the favourites is generally sushi or even mini-hot dogs).

You could organise friends and family members to get involved and help create food masterpieces; alternatively, select a local catering service to take some of the stress off your back – plus, you will invariably be able to taste-check the food prior to the big day.

Drinks are also necessary, especially if it is a party or corporate event – wines, prosecco, and champagne are essential, but non-alcoholic alternatives are a must, too (perhaps fruit juices or cocktails).

Finally, it may be a bonus to offer something sweet as a desert – mini cupcakes (perhaps with striking branding, if it is for a PR event) or even go all out with a chocolate fountain or even hiring a quirky ice-cream truck (that’s what I would choose!).


Entertainment is vital to keep your attendees interested! Try and make it fun, especially if it is interactive. Music is a customary way to add a good atmosphere – choose music that everyone will enjoy, modern yet classic, but most crucially with songs that will get your guests tapping their feet to the beat, perhaps even getting up for a dance (if it is a suitable event!). Maybe you could even offer karaoke to allow those brave enough to share their singing ability (or lack of!), which will surely break the ice.

Alternatively, you could organise some games to allow your guests to get involved and offer a healthy competition! Some companies offer a vast selection of different options (some of which would be fan favourites that you would see at the local fair) – crazy golf, tin can alley, or even giant Scalextric tracks!

Final Thoughts

If you follow these points, your upcoming occasion will be well-remembered – food & drink, entertainment, and fancy decor to add much-needed colour (and even branding). Go forth and organise! You will now be well prepared to create something fantastic for your guests.

What are your thoughts and feelings on my latest article? Will you bookmark and use these tips in the future? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section or even directly by email.


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