My Personal Tips For Buying Eyewear Online

My Personal Tips For Buying Eyewear Online

Many of you may not realise that I wear contact lenses on a daily basis, without them my vision suffers dramatically, impairing even the simplest of duties, so attempting to use a DSLR camera is almost an impossible task! In my latest men’s fashion blog post, I talk about my experiences with lenses and the best way to acquire them.

Two-Thirds of the world’s population is estimated to wear contact lenses or glasses, with a strong possibility that you may need them in the future even if you do not wear them now. Many people will typically visit their local opticians and purchase them directly, despite the cost sometimes being quite high. Instead, you may consider purchasing them online. If you check here, you will be pleased to find a vast amount of different frames and lenses to choose from, allowing practically anyone to find their ideal glasses or lenses.

When purchasing online, it is worth noting that the experience is quite different compared to buying in-store, which I have listed here.

Eye Prescription

When attempting to purchases lenses or glasses from an online retailer, you will need an up to date prescription, so a visit to an optician will be necessary. After your eye-test, ensure that your pupil distance number is noted on the order as not all opticians include it as standard. One thing to remember, you may get a free eye-test if you also purchase a pair of glasses at the same time. However, if you decline this offer then you will be charged for this service (so make sure to factor this into your budget).

Buy From A Reputable Company

Before you place your order, it is essential to do your research on the retailer. Read many of the independent reviews from the retailer, check up on their returns policy and terms and conditions. It is also good to make sure they are easy to contact, either via email or telephone. Once you are 100% satisfied that they are a legitimate company, then you can go ahead and place your order.

Use A Face Shape Guide

When purchasing glasses, it is crucial to consider your face shape when choosing the frame style. Check out this useful article with a guide on how to work out your exact face shape. Additionally, you will need to consider the width of your face when picking out glasses with different frame sizes. With this information, you will be armed well when it comes to finding a pair of glasses that looks the most flattering on you when worn.

Buy One Get One Free Offers

Many retailers also have offers available, the most popular of these is undoubtedly buy one get one free. If you are lucky enough to get such an offer, maybe opt for the same style but in two different colours, enabling you to have more options when deciding on an outfit!


It is critical to store your glasses safely when not in use. If your pair doesn’t already come equipped with a hard case, be sure to order one to protect them from wear and tear.

Make Sure They Are Suitable

Once they arrive, make sure to give them a thorough inspection and begin wearing them almost immediately. This way, you will be aware of any issues and be in the position to get them ironed out quickly.

What do you think of my last article? Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? Let me know in the comments section below!


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