5 Ways To Keep Yourself Looking Younger As A Fashionable Man

5 Ways To Keep Yourself Looking Younger As A Fashionable Man

If you put a lot of time and effort into your appearance, it is only natural to want to slow the ageing process via your clothing choices, grooming regimes, or even lifestyle habits. In my latest blog article, I will be taking a look at five ways to keep you looking younger.

In our current world, there are almost endless ways to keep you looking younger than your years, and the modern man will be keen to try out various options to keep old age at bay. In the following list, I will suggest my personal top choices; continue reading to find out more.

Outfit Choices

One of the easiest ways to keep yourself looking young is by the clothes you wear. Avoid ‘older-guy’ styles such as drab suits, unflattering jumpers, and regular fit chinos. Instead, splash the cash on a tailored suit (or bespoke if you are flush), providing a fashionable silhouette. Knitwear should be structured for your body shape (select higher-end materials such as wool or merino). For the legs, choose flattering cuts that are slim or even skinny (avoid regular fits and loose if at all possible unless you have big gym legs). When it comes to footwear, banish poor quality cheaper shoes and trainers and acquire stylish loafers (in leather or suede) along with a pair of designer low-profile sneakers.

TRT Treatment

One of the new popular methods in the media at the moment is testosterone replacement therapy, which aids in making you feel and look younger. Boosting your testosterone is said to help reverse the ageing process by rejuvenating your lost vigour, enhancing your muscle strength and energy levels, and even upping your sex drive; you will no longer need that mid-afternoon nap for a recharge. Remember to research to find a great supplier, such as Best TRT, who offers online services so you can access this type of treatment at home. Alternatively, you can head to your local clinic, which can create a personalised package for you.

Hair Transplant

A full head of hair can be crucial to many guys, and male pattern baldness can hit hard. There have always been creams, lotions, and even vitamins boasting that they can reverse hair loss; however, often, these never work effectively. Instead, go for a hair transplant option in which specialists will graft hair from the back and sides of your head and implant it into your scalp. Within a few months, your hair will begin to grow, giving you a full head of flowing locks.

Gym Membership

Get yourself buff by heading to the gym; lifting weights and regular cardio can do wonders when it comes to making you look more youthful. Following a strict regime can help you build your body mass and allow your muscles to grow (which in turn will make you look better in your new stylish wardrobe). Cardio is also essential to keep yourself looking trim and fit too. Alternatively, purchase your own gym equipment (I vote for iron weights) and exercise regularly in the comfort of your home.


Finally, keep your diet in check to keep your body on the slimmer side. Many men let themselves go as they get older (especially if they are in a comfortable relationship and desk job), and they start to acquire the ‘Dad-bod,’ which you want to avoid if you want to keep yourself looking young. Avoid chocolates, sweets, and fast food should be for special occasions and not every night, even if you are busy. Your diet goes hand in hand with gym workouts, so combining the two will help you to achieve a trim and healthy-looking physique.

If you want to revitalise your health and recreate your once-youthful appearance, my latest hints and tips will set you off in the right direction – you just need to stick to them and adjust your daily lifestyle routine. You will soon see the years fall away with your new style, looks, and overall outlook on life.


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