Mystic Man Organic Beard Kit Review

Mystic Man Organic Beard Kit Review

With the popularity of beards seemingly at an all-time high (at least in the last century!) it is so important to look after them thoroughly to ensure they look their best and also the skin below. For my latest review, I will be taking a closer look at the Mystic Man Organic Beard Kit. Read on to find out more!

For the longest time clean-shaven was the way to go, as a kid and even growing up into my teens you rarely ever saw a man with a beard …a touch of stubble or the 5 O clock shadow maybe, but spotting a man rocking a full beard was almost unheard of and never seen. Rolling on a few years to now and the role has been reversed. Clean-shaven faces on men are something of a spectacle. I am happy with the current trend of bearded men – it gives off a more manly appearance and gels perfectly with many of the styles which are so prevalent now, such as the dapper trend along with the popularity of tattoos.

With this newfound popularity, it was only natural that many beard products would start to emerge from new brands – oils, creams, brushes, combs and many more yet often some of these products have a lot of positives but also negatives. Mystic Man is aiming to fill the void with the use of organic ingredients in all of their products. Striving to offer beard fans a much better alternative to everything else on the market today – I will discuss in detail each of their items from the kit below on my mens fashion blog.

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Beard Oil

The Mystic Man Beard Oil comes in a stunningly designed bottle, all in a matt black effect which has contrasting silver text along with a silver and black screw lid. It has an alluring look which oozes quality. The top unwinds easily (yet is very secure when closed) and contains a dropper already attached inside, allowing for an easy application – either dropped onto your hand or directly onto your beard itself.

Beard oil famously helps keep dandruff at bay within the beard along with conditioning the skin hidden underneath (something which is largely forgotten!) helping to combat irritation and the subsequent itching. The Mystic Man Beard oil keeps the hair soft and supple with its blend of organic oils and sedr extract. One of the key selling points from Mystic Man is the sedr ingredient which is a natural remedy that has been used for hundreds of thousands of years to cleanse and condition hair; there is even speculation that it helps to grow and thicken hair.

The oil is created using a hypoallergenic formula, certified by the USDA and boasts a lightly scented fragrance of sandalwood and rosemary which is ideal if you want just a hint of scent in your beard oil.

Styling Pomade

Like the beard oil, the Mystic Man Styling Pomade comes packaged within a very stylish tin – solid black with silver text along with the same style of silver lid. Once inside, you will find a quick-release pull tab easily removed to gain access to the contents (to keep it fresh during transit and storage).

There has been a long-running debate over which is better for your beard – wax or pomade? Both offer similar benefits, and it would be difficult to choose between the two! The Mystic Man Styling Pomade is aimed at taming a troublesome frizzy beard and keep it in check and styled just how you desire, along with keeping it conditioned and fresh.

This particular product features a mix of organic ingredients – beeswax, sedr extract, coconut oil, olive oil and pure essential oils for a flawless combination. Once used, it will provide a medium yet flexible hold on your beard; however, it retains a healthy and natural appearance, no worries of it appearing hard and stiff.

Wood Beard Comb

To complete the gift set (which special mention must go to the stylish silver box the items come packaged inside) is a beautifully made wooden beard comb. Handmade and very sturdy and looking every bit the part with its stunning medium brown wood colouring and black Mystic Man branding, rounding up the gift set adequately.


In summary, the Mystic Man Organic Beard Kit gets top marks from me. Offering an excellent selection of products which are invaluable at treating your beard and making sure it looks fresh—but also doing it using only organic ingredients. There are no worries of any troubling chemicals getting in contact with your skin or beard. The set is rounded off nicely with aesthetically pleasing designs and packaging to ensure it is the quintessential gift for yourself or a loved one.

What are your thoughts on the beard kit? Is it something you could look into purchasing yourself? Please let me know in the comments below!

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