Styling Secrets Guide For A Sophisticated Home

Styling Secrets Guide For A Sophisticated Home

During the high points of our 20s, many of us are content with renting rooms (or even sharing with friends!) and relying on second-hand furniture; however, once we reach our 30s, it is time to change and look to settle down into our own private space. In my newest lifestyle blog article, I will offer a few helpful home styling tips to ensure your home is magazine ready.

Creating a home that matches our personality and lifestyle can be tricky, yet it is one of the greatest joys of being an adult. It can take some time and planning to get everything to look how you want, particularly if you are moving into a new build home that is designed for a modern neutral style. If you need to steer in the right direction regarding home design, my style secrets for sophisticated home interiors will get you some starting ideas.

Know Your Style

First, make sure you know your style and what you want to achieve (even if you have never owned a home before) and check out room designs and ideas to find out your likes and dislikes. Make notes of appealing styles – natural materials, classic furniture and clean lines.

Try not to stick to one style as this can have the negative effect of creating a too-studied appearance; instead, aim to combine a variety of different ideas together to create a unique and individual look.

Colour Consistency

You can easily mix different styles together that are complementary; however, colour should have a level of consistency. Start by selecting three central and dominant colours, and then add small accents of different shades (in the same spectrum) to give your decor a glorious colour palette.

Always remember that colour can impact your mood, so it is best to avoid shades that are too bold so it provides a calming and relaxing vibe for your home downtime.

Choose Specific Shades

Colour consistency is key, yet you must be very specific with your choice of shades to ensure everything has a touch of sophistication. For example, if you have chosen ‘blue’, you need to find the exact shade, such as aquamarine or cobalt. From this base, you can use additional colours from the same palette to help you provide a warm or cool touch (whatever your preference). However, always be aware not to use too many shades in your new home, as it will ruin design continuity.

Contrasting Textures

Never underestimate the importance of textures in interior design, as they can add much-needed depth and dimension. Along with the added boost to the visual senses, textured furniture will appeal to the touch. Mix up your design with natural elements such as wood (or marble if you feel flush) and the contemporary – think chrome and glass. This style tactic will give off an inviting and warm feeling for yourself and others.

Prioritise Lighting

Finally, on my list of tips, it is crucial to prioritise lighting to achieve a stylish finish when completing your home. Try not to rely on typical overhead lighting, which can be too harsh (with a limited way of creating different moods). Incorporate table lamps, shades and even candles to add ambience to your living area. Another idea is to use special spotlighting to showcase your favourite furniture, pictures or even statue pieces.

If you want to furnish your new home in a modern and stylish fashion, then these tips will help get you off the ground – Feel free to let me know if it helped during your home decor journey.


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