Top 5 Appearance Changes To Upgrade Your Look

Top 5 Appearance Changes To Upgrade Your Look

If you are into your fashion and style, you will always be looking at modernising your look – in my latest article, I will suggest five ways to upgrade your appearance and keep everything fresh. Carry on reading to find out more.

There are always new ways to keep your looks on point; some are more drastic (and permanent!) than others, yet if your appearance matters and is important to you, then I’m in the ‘go for it’ camp. It’s your body; you can do what you want with it as long as it’s safe and you do your research.

Hair Style

Men’s hair can be the single most important aspect of your appearance and is an extension of your face shape and structure. As such, you must keep your hairstyle modern and on-point, especially if you have worn the same style for years (perhaps even decades!?). Check out online sites to see what type of cut is trending in 2024 (but be sure it suits your face shape, too).

Unfortunately, many men suffer from male pattern baldness, and it can hit self-esteem and confidence pretty hard! In these instances, many guys will be looking at all sorts of solutions to combat hair loss (yet, as a rule, they do not really work as advertised). The best way to get your hair back is by opting for a hair transplant or even going for a hair system (which can be quicker and only semi-permanent).

Facial Hair

Similar to your hair, a beard can totally transform your look. Perhaps you want a long, bushy style or something more shaped and sleek? With beards, there are almost as many options as with your barnet. As with your head hair, investigate what beards are popular and go from there.

Another option is to grab that razor and go clean-shaven, showing off your chin and jawline (this can be quite a shocking change if you have had facial hair for a long time – like me!).

New Tattoo

Why not add some fresh ink to your skin with a new tattoo? Maybe you want to add one to your increasing body art collection, or it’s your first foray into the world of tattoos. Many people book in for a new design during the summer months, as they get more opportunities to show it off (especially by the beach or poolside).

If you are a tattoo newcomer and are a little worried (as expected), check your chosen artist’s hygiene rating, ensure they are correctly licensed, and use the best Tattoo ink brands on the market. Then all you need to do is think about what design you want and book in! (I love my tattoos and encourage others to get one themselves!).


A great smile can be the cherry on the top of the cake with your appearance! Keep your teeth clean so they sparkle when you flash your gnashers. If your teeth are not as straight as you want, make an appointment at the local dentist and discuss whether you can get them straightened by having a brace installed (however, from personal experience, this is far from comfortable – I had my own fitted for over a year when I was a teenager).

If you feel flush with cash, you can always go for veneers – the ultimate teeth favoured by movie stars, musicians, models, and influencers alike! It is a pricey business, but it can be well worth it for those bright white teeth. You can always fly to Turkey, famed for its discounted surgery prices (especially compared to UK rates).


Finally, there is plastic surgery – often frowned upon within many circles, yet if there is something that you’ve always wanted changed about your face, body, or more, then go for it. Remember to do your research on reviews, safety and aftercare, and you will be able to arm yourself with all the knowledge you need. One of the most common surgeries for men is on the nose and eyes, yet in this day and age, many men opt for body modifications (such as larger arms, chest and even 6-pack implants).

I’m personally all for improving how you look. If it makes you feel better about yourself and you can afford the procedure, then why not? It’s your life; live it how you want and boost your confidence to the max. What are your thoughts on my latest article? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.


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