The Impact Of Antique Hardware On Interior Design

The Impact Of Antique Hardware On Interior Design

If you want to revitalise your home decor, consider adding a selection of antique hardware pieces, combining historical elegance with modern functionality. Continue reading to find out more.

This guide will offer a variety of practical tips on choosing fashionable antique hardware and incorporating it into your home, enhancing your interior with unparalleled timeless beauty.

What Is The Definition Of Antique Hardware?

When antique hardware is discussed, typically, the fixtures and fittings are over 100 years old. These items can be used throughout your home, such as on doors, cabinets, and furniture. Naturally, these classics will invoke a style from a period of history visible in the materials, design, and craftsmanship.

Why Is Antique Hardware Considered Stylish?

Antique hardware can be a stylish boost to your interior design. Various aspects contribute to its appeal, which are listed here.

Timeless Design

Each of these historical items features construction and detailed designs you will be hard-pressed to find in modern-day equivalents. You can search for pieces that include artistic motifs, unique shapes, and even detailed engravings that hark back to a bygone era.

Unique Aesthetic

Stylish antique hardware can add much-needed character to your living space and a fantastic sense of history, too. Older items often showcase wear and tear that adds charm and authenticity – this antique hardware can draw the attention of visitors, spark conversation and create a focal point.

Quality Of Materials

Once upon a time, everything was made using high-quality materials, including hardware. Bonze, brass, wood and iron were traditional used to give these items a beautiful finish, but also ensuring they would last thanks to a strong and tough durability factor. Modern-day mass-produced items usually lack that rich, tactile experience and the patina that has developed over many years.

Historical Significance

Antiques are tied to a particular historical period, such as Colonial, Victorian or Art Deco, which adds a layer of depth to your interior design when implemented, creating a striking look that is also historically informed. Enthusiasts and collectors will hunt for antique hardware that will tell an exciting story and allow you to open a doorway, connecting the past to the present.

Door handles, cabinet knobs and even decorative accents can all be added to your home, producing an enviable cohesive look. If you are a fan of interesting facts, during the 1960s, the White House underwent a total refurb, and it actually renewed interest in traditional furniture and its styles.

What To Consider When Choosing Antique Hardware?

Various factors need to be considered during the selection process of antique hardware for interior design. These new additions will enhance your home’s aesthetic, including the following points.

Compatibility With Existing Decor

Your new hardware must complement the home decor already established in your living quarters. Look at the colour scheme, furniture, and overall theme. For example, Victorian hardware is unlikely to fit in with a mid-century interior.


Home furnishings specialist Linda Reece has stated in her article “Antiques & Collectibles” that antiques (including hardware) can add a touch of history and character to modern interiors. The correct additions can easily blend style and are fully functional, such as door handles turning smoothly and drawer pulls gliding open even with regular use.

Material And Craftsmanship

During your antique hunt, keep a keen eye on the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship. Classic pieces will use sturdy materials such as brass, bronze, and iron, along with expert-level construction, which should be checked when attempting to determine their value.

Rarity And Uniqueness

When filling your home with rare and unique pieces, you will never be short of conversation starters when you have guests over. Items that are uncommon in style are ideal to bolster the individuality of your living space. Also, keeping your beloved antique hardware looking good and maintaining its value is vital – clean regularly by gently wiping it over with a soft cloth and a dab of lemon oil. Try and avoid harsh chemicals whenever possible to preserve its original finish.

Tips On Matching Your Antique Hardware To Your Home Design

New antique hardware must match your existing interior design style, so follow these points to select the correct complementary finishes and avoid any common mistakes.

Traditional Style

If you read through the study ” Adaptations of Traditional Furniture in the Contemporary Home”, it is believed that many people are drawn to various antiques for their perceived stability and connection to a more secure, luxurious past. Additionally, it tells that older styles bring familiarity and comfort to modern homes (which is often a missing yet vital element).

Brass and bronze pieces that feature detailed and ornate design work are fantastic choices to add to your decor. Alternately, opt for items that embody historical styles, such as those with classic motifs such as scrollwork or floral patterns.

Modern Style

If you want something simple and streamlined yet still offers that historical vibe, consider adding Art Deco pieces with clean lines and minimal embellishments.

Rustic Style

Aged and weathered hardware constructed from natural materials like wrought iron and aged wood can enhance your home thanks to its rustic, extra-vintage appearance.

Eclectic Style

You can easily mix and match different styles and periods to create something unique. However, remember to ensure that an aspect unifies them, such as colour or material.

Using Antique Hardware In Minimalist Interiors

If you want to incorporate antique hardware into your minimally designed home, follow these pivotal points to blend old-world charm and modern simplicity to create a complementary aesthetic.

Character And Depth

Implementing antique hardware will give your living space a historical vibe and a touch of character, bringing much-needed depth to otherwise impersonal homes.

Focal Points

Remember to choose unique pieces that operate as focal points in your rooms, adding interesting talking points yet avoiding clutter.

Contrasting Materials

Modern rooms generally use clean lines and neutral palettes, so including rich patinas and beautifully aged materials can bring an interesting contrast to the environment.

Can Antique Hardware Add Value To Your Home?

Introduce antique hardware to your home, and you can significantly increase its value. In the following section, I will offer some insights, allowing you to shop accordingly when looking for valuable pieces.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Antique hardware often features designs and workmanship that are sadly missing in modern pieces. Adding vintage items to your home that feature interesting shapes and engravings (and quality materials such as brass, iron, and bronze) can make your living space appear much more attractive to potential buyers.

Historical Significance

If your residence is an older build or if the area has a strong architectural background, this can entwine perfectly with vintage items that provide a historical story. Additionally, it can be a great talking point when you host your next dinner party.


If these antique hardware pieces are still in tip-top condition after a century of use, it shows that using superior materials and high-level techniques can improve the life span of home decor items.

Uniqueness And Customisation

Incorporating antique hardware into your home can display a unique and customised style and be very distinct from other houses on the market, which can be a huge draw for buyers.

Perceived Value

Featuring antique pieces in your home can create a perception of luxury and, in turn, a higher value for the property. This exclusivity factor can increase your asking price and give you an advantage in competitive real estate markets.


After checking out the tips in my latest guide, you can easily add vintage hardware to your home, boosting its value thanks to the increased historical elegance and sophistication. This will make would-be buyers desperate to make that big purchase! What are your thoughts on my latest article? Let me know in the comments section below.


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