Gents Guide To Teeth Maintenance

Gents Guide To Teeth Maintenance

Your smile can be one of the most important things you wear as a fashionable guy, so it is essential to look after it and keep it looking tip-top. My latest article suggests a few ways to keep your teeth fresh and sparkling. Keep reading to find out more.

Walking into a room and smiling at your friends, family, and partner instantly makes everyone feel happy and comfortable. Yet, often, we take our teeth for granted and don’t look after them as we should. In the following points, I will suggest the best ways to keep them looking good.

Invest In A Good Toothbrush

Choosing a quality toothbrush is essential, and almost endless brands offer their own take on this vital grooming tool. However, it’s often best to go for a simple classic that is solid and has sturdy bristles. Always replace them regularly, too, as the brush loses structure, making cleaning more difficult.

Go Electric

You could always go one step further and upgrade to an electric toothbrush they are much more powerful, allowing you to get a super clean more efficiently. There is less strain on your hand and wrist, and as it spins, it gives a fantastic clean, even in harder-to-reach areas. Plus, you get a variety of different heads to use, depending on what you need to clean (they can also be replaced, rather than the whole device).

Visit The Dentist

Always have regular checkups at the local dentist so they can keep on top of any issues as they arise. They can also give them a special clean (scale and polish), which will spruce them up nicely and remove any plaque buildup that standard brushing may miss.


If your teeth need a little work in making them straighter, you could discuss with your dentist about having a brace fitted to align them better in your mouth (I had a brace in my teens, and I’m glad I did it to improve my smile). Alternatively, there are many private options on the market now, such as the Invisalign Stafford clinic which offers clear aligners that are more discreet than the standard metal style. The whole process is more streamlined as a 3D model is created. You swap out the aligners every two weeks as your teeth slowly move into position.


Finally, there is the option of veneers—if you want that classic Hollywood smile, there is no better choice. Your own teeth will be filed down, and then the new teeth will be installed. It is a permanent procedure, but once completed, you will be presented with a gleaming white set of teeth.

It is not a budget option and can cost well into the thousands. However, many people fly to Europe (such as Turkey) to get veneers fitted at a highly discounted rate (remember to do your research to find a quality salon).

If you follow this advice, you will soon have a smile to be proud of, and you will be flashing your teeth whenever possible. Your self-esteem and confidence will be given a massive boost, too! What are your thoughts on my latest article? Let me know in the comments section below.


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