Top 3 Ways To Decorate Your Wall

Top 3 Ways To Decorate Your Wall

Is the wall in your living room, bedroom or hall empty and plain? In my latest post, I look at three options to spice up your living space to make it much more inviting!

There are undoubtedly various bits and pieces you can use to furnish the walls in your home; however, I have narrowed it down to three, which will change how your living area looks to you and your guests.


Canvases for the home have gained popularity in the last few years, akin to poster prints, with a much more timeless appearance, especially if you have chosen one of your own photos to be printed onto canvas fabric. This wall mount type can make otherwise modern images have a vintage feel, adding to the overall look. If you fancy going down the quirky route, you could even opt for something different such as a fun pet canvas which would also be ideal as a gift for dog lovers.

Poster Prints

One of the most popular choices to brighten up your wall is the cheap and cheerful poster print, gaining popularity as far back as the 80s and offering up almost anything you can imagine. Movie posters are always a fantastic idea! Especially if it is from a vintage film or iconic cult classic, which often features very artistic designs. If you are musically inclined, you can also opt for your favourite album covers, often making for a great conversation starter! Alternatively, you could choose from numerous other designs, including architecture, scenery, wildlife, space or even fashion.


Finally, you can choose a mirror to adorn your wall; despite this sounding boring and simple, it can completely change how your room looks. Hanging a large mirror can open up the area, making the room look more spacious than it is. There are so many different types of mirrors available, all sorts of shapes (straight-edged, round, shaped) or even ones featuring an overlayed design or pattern. You could also choose coloured glass, making your wall pop with a hue of reflective colour!

What are your thoughts on my chosen three wall-mounted options for the home? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!


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