How To Buy A Fashionable Gift

How To Buy A Fashionable Gift

Buying gifts for lovers of all things fashion can be a tricky task—style is very personal, so it is very easy to make a blunder and choose the wrong thing! In my latest blog post, I will offer a few top suggestions to help you select the perfect present.

When you are looking to purchase a gift for a friend, loved one, or even a work colleague for a special occasion, clothing items or accessories can be a great choice. They can be worn out and about rather than just sitting in their home gathering dust. The following list provides several options for your gift-giving mission.


Sunglasses are a fantastic gift, enhancing anyone’s style and protecting eyes from the risks of damage from the sun. There are almost endless styles to choose from – oversized pairs from Gucci (which are currently all the rage), Blue’s Brothers Wayfarer styles or the simple yet classic Aviator (my personal choice). The giftee will be able to rock their new chic addition and raise the stakes of their fashion-cred.

As we approach summer, sunglasses are an excellent choice for an impromptu gift with a huge variety of male, female or even unisex pairs such as the ones you will find here. Look online or even in a brick-and-mortar store to get a feel for the different types available.


Bags are a fantastic gift that reflects the wearer’s style but are also practical, as they can carry all daily essentials. You can opt for stylish backpacks (such as MCM), Louis Vuitton hold-alls, or even a cool tote for a more basic alternative. You don’t always have to opt for designer pieces; even high-street brands offer amazing designer bags that can boost any outfit ensembles.

Cowhide is currently on-trend and would be a great addition to all wardrobes. Their popularity is on the rise, and you can easily find quality cowhide-style hold-alls for guys or, with a quick online search, the best cowhide handbags for ladies. They have a striking rustic look, which is ideal for summer, too.


If you want a smaller gift idea (although nonetheless effective), then accessories are a fantastic way to go. Classic belts in black, brown or tan colouring are a perfect present choice (although, if unsure of what size you need, do your measurements research). Jewellery is another excellent choice, such as rings, necklaces, or even a bracelet or cuff (remember to choose gold, silver, or platinum, depending on the giftee’s preference). Scarves are a timeless idea when looking for a gift, available in a multitude of colours, designs, patterns and even fabrics. They can be styled with many different outfits and only occupy a little space in the wardrobe.

If you want to go all out, go for a Hermes scarf, the ultimate choice for a big fashion lover. Crafted using silk with highly sought-after colours and patterns, however, they are far from cheap! You can try second-hand retailers, but even vintage numbers are in high demand (especially some of the more obscure designs). If you are on a slightly tighter budget, why not try Aspinal of London? They offer beautiful silk scarfs that would be a lovely addition to anyone’s collection.


Finally, we have footwear which are undoubtedly the final touch to any outfit. So giving the perfect pair as a gift will put a smile on anyone’s face. From classic brogues and loafers for guys to high heels for the ladies, there is always space in a wardrobe for just one more pair! Just remember to get the sizes right, to save from any uncomfortable situations when the present is unwrapped!

If you want to brighten up someone’s day with a fashionable gift, my top choices in this article will help you on your way, ensuring your choice will brighten up the receipts day, week and maybe even year! What are your thoughts on my latest fashion blog article? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.


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