Niccolò P Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Review

Niccolò P Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Review

Polo shirts are both a timeless and fashionable addition to any man’s wardrobe; the long-sleeve variety is often overlooked (even though I prefer the style). Niccolò P offers an extensive range of polos in their collection, and I am happy to take a closer look in my latest review.

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Niccolò P was founded in 2018 in London, yet the motivation for the brand came a couple of years earlier at a barbecue get-together with pals. Glancing over his friend’s outfits, the future brand owner couldn’t help but notice they were wearing ill-fitting, overly branded polos with low-quality buttons and curled-up collars and was shocked! This event was the catalyst which got things in motion, and Niccolò P was created. Taking inspiration from the infamous travelling merchant who fathered the explorer – Marco Polo (building to the idea they are the perfect travel shirts).

There is a huge collection available and for my review I will be focusing on a select handful.

Style & Design

The Niccolò P collection is based around polos that have a structured finish, giving off a much better silhouette when worn (compared to traditional shirts). The collars are solid and hold their shape, no matter the conditions they are forced into (bad weather, fast-dressing in a rush etc.). The arms of the long-sleeve variety include an additional button, allowing you to wear them full-length or un-buttoned and rolled for a more casual appearance. Buttons throughout are the (always beautiful) mother-of-pearl style. The shirts in this feature do not feature any logos (for that sleek appearance), albeit some in their collection offer designs if it takes your fancy!


There is no denying the quality on offer here, from the fabric in each of their shirts which includes supima jersey cotton, Egyptian cotton or even sea-island cotton (my personal favourite), high-quality buttons and stitching and the use of mercerised colour dye to ensure maximum longevity throughout its life.


This polo shirt style can be matched with almost anything and worn nearly everywhere. Heading to the office is not a problem; a Niccolò P polo will be the perfect match. These polos will also see you through downtime, such as a visit to the pub with friends. Not only do they tick all the style boxes, but thanks to the soft and lightweight fabric, you will also be comfortable – Definitely a winner.


When selecting my size, I went with the smallest available, which in this case is a size Small, which was a great fit on me – fitted well around my shoulders, hem length was good, and the cuffs sat at my wrists, no problems here.

Value For Money

When it comes to clothing, I’m a firm believer you need to splash a little bit of cash to get both the quality you fit you desire. The collection from Niccolò P is in the middle to a higher bracket, but the quality shines through, and you will be rocking these pieces for years!


My time with the Niccolò P Long Sleeve Polo Shirt Collection was fantastic, with stunning designs and satisfying quality to boot! Wearable at any event or function, you can throw at them! If you need to fill up your wardrobe with new pieces, look no further than this stellar brand.

*Partnership with Niccolò P / Opinions are my own.


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