Adding Capsule Wardrobe Principles To Your Bedroom

Adding Capsule Wardrobe Principles To Your Bedroom

Minimalism and style go hand in hand, not only in our clothing choices but also in our homes – so, in my latest lifestyle article, I look at ways to bring capsule wardrobe principles into the bedroom.

Our bedroom is our sanctuary, a safe place to rest and relax. A cluttered sleeping quarters can bring endless problems, so creating a sleeker, minimalistic bedroom is key to taking control of the build-up of messy clothes and unsuitable furniture choices! It has been stated that minimalism is a philosophy with potential for many different aspects of life, and as such, the points in my following article will help you achieve this goal.

What Are Capsule Wardrobe Principles?

A capsule wardrobe is a relatively simple concept and something that anyone can create with some thought and care. The base idea is that you build a small collection of clothes that interchange with each other effectively, which produces a more modular approach to fashion and how you dress. With the fast fashion behemoth invading the world, the capsule concept aims to derail this notion of throwaway clothing and ensure you harbour a smaller number of well-crafted, high-quality city pieces. This idea could easily expand out of the wardrobe and into your bedroom (perhaps spreading further into all areas of your home).

Colour Palettes

When designing a capsule wardrobe, it is essential to consider colours – too many bright and bold colours can clash, so you will need to increase the number of items to create different looks. Instead, select central colours that blend effortlessly with like-minding hues such as pastel or muted tones, which can lean toward a feeling of ambience and calm. For example, light blues or greys incite relaxation with their untaxing hues, even more so if they are from a washed-out palette. If you love the great outdoors, opt for greens (especially if you have complementary house plants) or even natural wood colours.

Furnishings And Textiles

Once you have selected your colour scheme, you must choose the right bedroom furnishings to complete your minimalist aesthetic. The bed frame should ideally be simple (brushed aluminium or slim wooden with defined edges come to mind). Dressing your bed frame with quality bedding is imperative, too, as it will allow your bed to stand out against the tones used throughout your bedroom. Additionally, your wardrobe and cabinets should be based around a similar style to keep everything looking perfectly cohesive.


Finally, removing unwanted items and clutter from your bedroom is crucial. You may even need to be ruthless to create the calm space you seek. Using the same ethos behind capsule wardrobe principles in your actual bedroom, you can efficiently declutter while keeping the all-important character aspect and creating a calm sanctuary where you will be happy to spend time.

After reading my latest style guide, you will be more than prepared to create an inviting bedroom area and wardrobe unit that will see you through many years to come! Remember to focus on minimalism, and everything else will fall into place.



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