Top Five Ways For Guys To Get Ready For Summer

Top Five Ways For Guys To Get Ready For Summer

With summer just around the corner, fashionable guys will be looking for new ways to invigorate their style in time for hitting the beach! In my latest article, I list five ways to get ready for the hotter weather. Keep reading to find out more.

The holiday season is filled with sun, sea and sand, and as such, you need to style yourself appropriately, both with your wardrobe choices but also with your hair and body. Check out my following list to help you improve your appearance.

Summer Wardrobe

As the temperature soars, it is time to shed those big coats, jackets, and endless layers in favour of lighter-weight clothes. The classic choices are undoubtedly fitted t-shirts that can show off your frame (if you’ve been hitting the gym) or looser types for comfort. If you want a slightly smarter look, opt for a timeless button-up shirt in linen that aids breathability (plus, even when creased, it gives off a chic, unkempt vibe).

For legs, grab a pair of chino shorts (or trousers) that can be worn formally or casually if worn with a shirt left open and a vest underneath (check this previous article for a few examples). Footwear-wise, slip on a pair of sandals for the beach or sleek loafers for formal evening events.

Hit The Gym

Be sure to get your body beach-ready by hitting the gym, grabbing those weights and lifting iron. Weight training is a great way to build muscle and lose excess body fat. It’s best to start early in the year (at least a few months before your vacation), so you give yourself enough time to improve your body shape.

Cardio is a fantastic addition to your workout regime, allowing you to burn off excess calories each day—consider running or bike riding as the top choices when looking to lose that extra weight.

New Tattoo

Another great way to upgrade your personal style is by adding some new ink to your body. If you plan to hit the beach, aim for something you can show off easily and effectively. Arms, legs, and chest are ideal positions for your new fantastic-looking body art.

Additionally, if you have existing tattoos but your tastes have changed (or something has been poorly done in the past), you could book a cover up tattoo – boosting your self-esteem with a fancy new design on your skin, especially when enjoying the sun by the poolside. Do your research and find a quality artist to complete the work; you know you will be in safe hands when getting a new design.

If you do plan on heading out into the sun with new ink, remember to follow a strict aftercare regime, applying cream regularly during the healing process.

New Hairstyle

Changing your hair in time for the hot season can also be a game changer; new hairstyles can totally transform your entire look. Perhaps you have long hair, so you could mix it up with a short crop instead (which will be beneficial when out in the sweaty heat).

Consider changing the colour of your hair or even adding some blonde highlights for an exciting pop of colour on the top of your head.

Get A Tan

Rather than disembark the aeroplane when you land and get hit with a wave of burning hot sun on your pale white skin (and go instantly red!), consider upping your tan beforehand. There are many ways to achieve this, from casual sunbathing in your back garden to using fake tan to darken your skin. It may be considered unpopular these days (due to health risks), but you could book into a salon and use their sun beds (remember to be aware of the dangers).

With these helpful tips at your disposal, you will be ready for the approaching summer months. So hit the stores for those brand-new outfits, head to the gym to buff up your body, add some new ink to your skin, finish off with a stylish new barnet, and top up with a tan. You will undoubtedly be vacation-ready.

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