The Benefits Of Leasing A Car For Fashionable Guys

The Benefits Of Leasing A Car For Fashionable Guys

If you are a fashionable guy, it is only natural to want to extend your style to your vehicle. However, more often than not, your dream car could be out of reach for purchase, and that is where leasing comes into its own. Carry on reading to find out more about this hot topic.

Saving Money

Beautiful-looking cars that would boost your fashion status are typically high-priced, especially if you are a younger guy, so leasing is a great way to obtain that stunning automobile. Instead of taking a loan with a high-interest rate or saving almost every penny you earn to buy that top car eventually, leasing could be the best alternative.

A car’s value can depreciate over time (even many sports cars can lose half their value in only a few years), and if you splash out the cash and buy a new car, you get hit with the full brunt of depreciation. However, if you decide to lease a vehicle, you only pay for a portion of the total value during that lease term, which equals lower monthly payments (and more money in your back pocket). Shop around for a great lease company that offers regular promotions, such as LeaseLoco lease deals, allowing you to save even more cash each month (then you can at least grab new outfits to wear with your brand-new motorcar!).

Warranty Coverage

One of the great benefits of leasing is that as a new driver, you get warranty coverage for the car, and as most leases last for 2-3 years, you are covered for the total duration that the vehicle is in your hands. Overall, this gives peace of mind against any unexpected mechanical faults that arise, whereas if it were an older, used car, you would be struck with a massive financial bill!

Latest Technology

As a rented car would be brand new, it would have the latest tech and safety features. Many new vehicles have improved fuel efficiency and top-of-the-range infotainment (media options and TV screens). Leasing lets you enjoy these massive benefits without committing to long-term ownership, with the bonus of the latest automotive advancements when you upgrade at the end of your term.


When you rent a car, you get fantastic flexibility, appealing to many new drivers whose lifestyles may change in the future. Perhaps your personal style has changed, and you want a new car to match your fresh look, or you are a recent graduate joining the workforce or a student planning to study abroad. Your car lease is typically short, so you will not be tied down, unlike owning a car with long-term commitment baggage.

As a car owner, you always need to squirrel money away when you need to pay for regular maintenance or even repairs. Leasing cars is a different ball game – you may need to pay for oil changes and even tire rotations, but your agreement covers anything significant, like extensive repairs from wear and tear.

Environmentally Friendly

Additionally, hitting the road using a long-term rental is generally much more environmentally friendly; newer vehicles are fuel-efficient, alleviating climate change and pollution concerns. You could even grab an ECO-friendly electric car, too (Tesla has some stunning models ticking off those style needs), reducing your carbon footprint (and ensuring you are exempt from congestion charges into big cities in the UK).


Finally, car leasing is great for new drivers – offering cost savings, warranty coverage, the latest technology, flexibility, and peace of mind. Just remember to check out the latest deals and work with your needs and budget so you can keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, too!

What do you think of this latest article? Are you a car owner? If so, would you consider a long-term rental? Let me know your thoughts in the comments area.


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