How To Make Your Smaller Home Look More Spacious

How To Make Your Smaller Home Look More Spacious

If your home is compact, you will likely have found yourself battling challenges regarding layout and decor. In my latest lifestyle blog article, I will offer unique ideas that allow you to reimagine your small living space.

In the following guide, several key points will allow you to transform your tiny homes into areas that feel much more comfortable and larger without sacrificing style and the all-important functionality aspect. Adding the correct light fixtures, employing smart storage solutions and even a colour scheme that can enhance your space perception of a room. Continue reading to see how these eight informative tips will allow you to utilise your space in new and innovative ways.

Natural Light

Maximising natural light can enhance the available space in a smaller home. Consider installing skylights or extra windows (if possible), allowing sunlight to beam into the interiors and making rooms appear more welcoming to you and your guests. Go one step further and use strategically placed mirrors to bounce the new influx of light around the room, creating an illusion of extended space.

If you want to go one step further, choose interior colours to amplify the effect. When painting your walls, choose light and cool tones such as whites, pale blues or light greys for a fresh and clean look – likewise, they will create a more expansive appearance too,

Storage Solutions

If you are tight in space, maximise storage options by installing floor-to-ceiling shelves and cabinets – additionally, they will create an extra illusion of height. You could even purchase an ottoman with built-in storage and utilise beds and drawers to keep your essentials accessible yet out of sight. Even a novel folding table that can be packed away when not in use can be a fantastic addition. If you select multi-purpose furniture, you can easily make the most of your modest living quarters.

Decluttering And Minimalisation

Clutter can quickly take over your smaller home, so actively combat this by purging unused items that no longer serve a functional or aesthetic objective. You need to be tough and strict, letting things go that are taking up valuable space and providing openness and calm. You can donate, sell, or even recycle to get things moving.

When it comes to design, maintain a simple yet sophisticated vibe. For example, choose a classic, elegant 18×24 frame that will complement the colour of your wall. Its size is ideal for small walls yet will still make an impact (remember to choose a photo or picture that conveys your personal style).

Enhance the feeling of space in your smaller home by sticking to clean lines and uncluttered zones. Avoid endless Knick-knacks and instead focus on a handful of statement pieces that draw the eye.

Add Greenery

If you are a fan of nature, infuse life into your surroundings by bringing houseplants into your home (as a bonus, select a species that can enhance the air quality inside). Always research and choose species that can thrive in low light so they can grow without worry, even when the natural sun is limited. Greenery adds a nice effect of colour to your home, allowing you to have a little piece of nature inside that boosts the style and offers health advantages.

Foldable Furniture

If you are limited in space, foldable furniture can allow you fantastic flexibility. Foldable dining tables and chairs are essential, and even a wall-mounted Murphy bed can be a worthwhile purchase. Functional items such as drying racks for your clothing essentials can be vital, too, especially if there is always a tremendous amount of washing to be done!

These types of items allow you to optimise your floor plan, transitioning quickly from daily tasks to special occasions when you need that extra space.

Make Use Of Corners

Corners can be the forgotten heroes in smaller living spaces. Instead, use them to your advantage by installing bespoke corner shelves for additional storage (boosting the style stakes at the same time).

Another idea is to transform an entire corner into a reading area with a comfortable plush armchair and elegant hanging lamp to add some lighting. Alternatively, opt for an eye-catching bees knees cocktail that can be the talk of your next party, a compact bar cart that will keep your guests happy! Add your favourite drinks and spirits; it will be the primary focal point in your newly transformed corner.

Brighten Up The Floors

Upgrade your flooring with light-coloured wood or tiles that will enrich the room’s brightness as they will reflect light. Lay down a number of different rugs and mats with bold yet light colours or patterns that can extend the perception of space in the room. This mix of extras will add a striking visual touch while boosting the spacious appearance of the room.

Creating An Illusion Of Height

Even in smaller apartments, the size of your rooms can be disguised by a variety of tricks—tall plants, vertically orientated artwork, or even hanging curtains higher than the window frame are all optical illusions that can be used to expand the look of your rooms. Even vertical striped wallpaper can aid this effect.

If the layout of your home permits, you could even consider modifying the structure of the rooms—removing non-load-bearing walls that will allow you to merge smaller rooms into a larger area can work wonders and make everything very modern, open, and airy. Another option is to replace standard swinging doors with pocket doors that slide into the walls, saving your priceless space even further.


Implement these ideas into your smaller home, and you will soon have an inviting living area that boasts comfort, style, and functionality in equal measure. Do not limit your creativity just because your rooms are small—research, planning, and resourcefulness will allow you to create the home you desire.

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