UNCLE Elephant & Castle Apartments Stay

UNCLE Elephant & Castle Apartments Stay

During my recent visit to London for the BAFTA 2022 Nominees Party I was given the chance to stay at the truly wonderful UNCLE Elephant & Castle Apartments – in my latest post I will take you on a tour so you can see for yourself!

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The area surrounded the Elephant & Castle is infamous in that in recent years it was renovated to the point that it is almost unrecognisable to how it once looked (and for the better too!). The building itself is nicely modern, with a variety of close by food stores and amenities to ensure you are well stocked. One of the first things of note is the high level of security, even just entering the lobby requires you scan your key fob, the same again for using the lift (which is welcome in this day and age).

The apartment was on one of the highest floors (a staggering 43rd floor!), but once up their this allowed the balcony view to be breathtaking – you could view the city for miles (the wheel, especially at night was beautiful to see!). Each of the rooms was beautifully furnished with a mix of muted tones and popping colours. Fully functioning appliances as to expected, with the washing machine hidden away in a cupboard. Additionally, loved the retro style radio!

During the evening, when night fell, the majesty of the view from both the balcony and the bedroom was on display – I always find London unique in that it really does not sleep, throughout the night the bustle of cars and lit up buildings showed no sign of abating.

Overall the stay at the UNCLE Elephant & Castle Apartment was a joy! Looking forward to staying again in the future!

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