Tool Watch Co. – AMA Diver’s Watch Launch

Tool Watch Co. – AMA Diver’s Watch Launch

I’m excited to announce a brand new release from Tool Watch Co with the very limited (only 50 pieces at launch) AMA Diver watch – In my latest blog post, I take a quick look at the design and features.

Click Here To Pre-Order The Tool Watch Co. AMA Limited Edition Watch

Tool Watch Co is offering an exclusive deal on their website, offering a lucky 50 customers the chance to pre-order their latest luxurious watch. The full Kickstarter campaign will launch later in the summer.

The timepiece is undeniably striking, taking inspiration from 1960s style skin diver watches. There has been a 2000-year-old tradition in Japan based around free diving, and the watch actively celebrates Japanese pearl divers, called AMA (hence the name of the watch). The watch itself features nods to various aspects of the history – a natural pearl dial and a harpoon second-hand (representing both the tools and bounty of this ancient tradition).

The brand has used only the very best materials and parts when creating the watch. Grade-A Swiss Super-Luminova has been used throughout, including the hands, dial, and bezel. The reverse of the watch on the case features a beautiful engraving based upon Iwase Yoshiyuki’s iconic photography of AMA divers who populated his village in the 1950s. The internal power of the watch is powered using the infamous Miyota 9039 (regarded as having one of the best power sources for non-automatic watches). The Tropic FKM rubber strap adds a final touch of quality to what is an otherwise superb looking timepiece.

Incidentally, the Tool Watch Co brand fully supports sustainability within their business model, using premium sustainable materials, leading the way with ethical standards within the industry.

Check out the 5-day exclusive deal available only via their website! So check it out now, ensuring you manage to grab a very limited piece of horological history!

What are your thoughts on this upcoming watch release? Please let me know in the comments section.

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