Upgrading Your Home Gym For 2021

Upgrading Your Home Gym For 2021

Another 12 months has passed us by, and more often than not, it gives us time to reflect, allowing us time to think about what worked out for us and what we will do differently this year. At this time, many of us decide to change how we approach fitness, setting new goals and taking steps to achieve them. It is a fantastic opportunity to take stock of what you already have in your home gym, along with considering changing a few things.

Swap Steel Plates For Bumpers

Bumpers are an excellent option for home gyms, much quieter and less likely to damage the floor. Currently, BLK BOX Fitness has a good range of these types of weights. They offer several varieties, including some sets that meet IWF standards, which are perfect for elite athletes and those competing in tournaments or those who just like to have the very best equipment.

Invest In A Set Of Adjustable Dumbbells

If you have limited space for a home gym, a set of adjustable dumbbells might be a good purchase! Extremely compact and often, newer models enable you to fine-tune the weight that you select more so than traditional solid single weight dumbbells allow. Using this type of equipment allows the user to match the weight to their abilities, rather than have to force yourself to add on an extra 1-2 kgs heavier than you would like; instead, you can change the amount accordingly. Straining yourself by lifting too heavy is something that can impede you and easily ruin your form and slow down your fitness progress. After reading this article, you will become aware of the strong correlation between how effective your workout is and using the correct weight for your current level.

Set Of Mobility Sticks

Mobility is a significant factor during your weight training journey, improving your range of motion allows you to challenge yourself more, even if it is just a small amount. Mobility sticks will enable you to easily maintain proper form, regardless of which exercise you are doing and quickly improve your body’s range of motion.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a very effective way of building muscle, despite them looking much simpler and lighter than the tough look of weight plates. They are practically noiseless too, allowing you the freedom to use them during any time, day or night. Plus they are easy to carry with you if you travel away for a few days, you can take your gym with you.

Now we are into the new year; it is worth investing in some of these items to really kickstart your fitness and weight training journey!


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