Jord Harper Tiger’s Eye & Olive Wood Watch Review

Jord Harper Tiger’s Eye & Olive Wood Watch Review

Once more, I delve into a review of one of my favourite types of men’s accessories – watches. For this article, I will be looking at the Harper Watch from Jord in Tiger’s Eye & Olive Wood. I’m excited to get to grips with the timepiece and find out how it ticks (pun intended). Read on for more!

My regular readers may remember that this is not the first time I have featured one of the watches from Jord’s collection on my men’s fashion blog, I previously reviewed the Jord Dover Automatic Wooden Watch to great praise. This time around, I have chosen something a little more subtle in design and also a standard movement instead of automatic. Since the brand’s launch, they have successfully changed the world in the respect that watches and wood can live together in harmony. Jord has single-handedly caused a revolution with many brands attempting to follow suit in bringing out their own wooden style watches. However, I still feel that Jord is at the forefront, but we will surely find out at the close of this review.

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Design & Style

The watch’s design is nothing short of gorgeous, as soon as you lay your eyes upon it, you will be enthralled and eager to pick it up in your hands and slips it onto your wrist. The watch features a beautiful tiger’s eye stone covering the entire face, which contrasts in perfect harmony to the dial hands and the brand’s logo, which are fashioned out of gold colouring. Incidentally, the logo is situated on the left-hand side in a smaller font size so as not to be overpowering, which is a refreshing change compared to most brands who often focus on their logo being highly visible.

Additionally, the face features Day and Date cut out sections that are in white, standing out effectively when reading the time.

The watch’s secondary standout feature is undoubtedly the bracelet that is crafted using olive wood, which is a very soft and light-coloured wood, contrasting nicely against the much darker tiger’s eye face. The strap’s individual wooden parts are held together using the golden metal, also used on the bezel and the clasp on the strap itself (which also features the Jord logo, embossed into the metal).

The watch also comes with a separate strap; only instead of wood, it is made entirely out of leather, in this case a tan look, which is much closer to a vibrant orange. Both strap styles are equally beautiful on the eyes, and if pushed, I would be hard-pressed to choose one over the other – perhaps, the wood effect tips the balance slightly!

Wearability & Comfort

Thanks to it’s subtle yet effective style; the Harper watch is an ideal timepiece for almost any occasion, be it a formal event (such as business) or casual when meeting up with friends; the watch is more than suitable. Likewise, there are little to no complaints regarding comfortability – even though the strap is made from wood, it is very soft against your skin. If anything, traditional leather or metal bracelet is arguably a touch more restricting on your wrist.

Construction & Mechanism

Although the watch is quite slim, it contains many features under the hood as it were. The movement is powered using a Seiko Hattori VJ45 with a 2-pole stepping motor drive system. The case width is a moderate 40mm, which is suitable for almost any wrist/hand size and not look out of place. The watch arrives in parts, with both strap varieties included in the packaging (wood bracelet and leather strap), it is a simple affair when assembling. The leather strap contains tiny metal bars that can be easily slotted into the underside of the watch face, whereas the wooden bracelet requires you to position the metal bars yourself (even so, it is a relatively painless process).


The Harper Jord watch arrives packaged in a beautiful wooden box, with the Jord logo carved out of the wood, proudly positioned on top of the box. The box lid slides out, revealing the body with both straps sitting comfortably inside cut out sections to hold them in place. The metal bars used to affix your chosen parts are attached to the wood as well. There is a small amount of text printed onto the inside, brandishing the watch style, in this case – “Harper Series Launch Edition”. Overall, the packaging is beautiful, and you will undoubtedly have it sitting with pride on your shelf amongst your other accessories.


In conclusion, the Jord Harper Tiger’s Eye & Olive Wood Watch is an impressive looking timepiece, crafted beautifully using the best materials. Its fantastic design is a quality mechanism powering the watch, ensuring it keeps perfect time. The watch sits with a reasonable price point for an item which boasts such high-end construction levels. I give the watch top marks in all areas, and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone on the lookout for a new addition to their collection!

What are your thoughts of this watch from Jord? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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*Partnership with Jord / Opinions are my own.

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