Alpha Industries Replica Grey Bomber Jacket Outfit

Alpha Industries Replica Grey Bomber Jacket Outfit

Back to one of my classic looks for my latest outfit post, featuring a bomber jacket, skinny jeans and sneakers! It is a relatively simple ensemble, yet one that I return to on a regular basis.

Bomber Jackets are like old friends, since the inception of my blog, I have worn this style of coat in a wide variety of different outfits. My top choice from my collection was my beloved Topshop MA1 Green Bomber Jacket, which I wore numerous times throughout the last year. Unfortunately, the last time I wore it, I came to the conclusion that it no longer fits me anymore. The jacket now looks quite unflattering, too tight in the shoulders and arms, which in turn gives the unpleasant side effect of being very short in length!

I began the hunt to find a suitable replacement, I finally decided on the Alpha Industries Bomber Jacket MA-1 VF59 in Replica Grey. I’m very happy with the fit, especially as it is a men’s cut in a size medium. Look out for my review in the near future!

I paired my new acquisition with my GRLFRND Distressed Black Skinny Jeans and my gleaming white Saint Laurent Classics Sneakers. For accessories, I picked out my New Era Black Baseball Cap and Omega Aqua Terra Seamaster Watch.

Please let me know in the comments what you think of my latest outfit!


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