Boy London Bomber Jacket Outfit

Boy London Bomber Jacket Outfit

My last few outfits have been filled with hints of colour, but my latest look has bucked that trend, all black is the order of the day!

After my recent Men’s Skinny Fit Pinstripe Suit Outfit Post, it was only natural for me to revert back to a street style ensemble. I do love the look of a well fitted three-piece suit, but a bomber jacket, skinny jeans and sneakers are items of clothing I go back to time and time again.


It was actually my first real-life encounter with the Boy London Brand, I had seen their pieces splashed around on social media on a variety of celebrities, musicians and an assortment of fashion bloggers, but I had never considered them for myself. Their look is considered very urban and cool, iconic logos and branding are featured heavily on nearly all of the items in their collection. I was instantly quite attracted to their bomber jacket with its sleek and simple black design, including the lining (albeit with a monogram print of the logo). Yet, the star of the jacket is arguably the huge Boy London print on the reverse, standing out against the otherwise pitch black colouring like a beacon.

However, once worn, much of my praise disappeared quite quickly! I found that it was very ill-fitting (especially compared to their nearest rivals – Alpha Industries), quite puffy around the lower back and due to their choice of a sturdy fabric, the jacket never sits quite right. This problem was quite troublesome when trying to take decent images, we had to keep re-adjusting the chest area to eliminate a stubborn large crease running from the neck to the hem! I was quite disappointed, as I was a big fan of the look, but for me, the fit is always king.

With an all-black outfit, it was only natural that I would choose my all time favourite skinny jeans from GRLFRND, even after all this time they have not been dethroned as my number one! Everything about them just ticks all the right boxes. To continue the all-black theme, I dug out my pair of Black Saint Laurent Sneakers which have sadly been stored away in their box for far too long! My white pair gets far too much love in comparison (but they are so much more versatile, it is easy to understand why). My ASOS T-Shirt in bold white was a necessary contrast against the abundance of noir on show.


We hit the city streets of Bath once again, their widespread use of yellow brick was to be a great contrast of colour against my black outfit. I had already picked out a spot in advance this time, so less time spent endlessly wandering down unknown side streets. For a couple of the shots, I actually managed to heave myself up and onto a pillared wall, which led way to one of the most unusual angles I have posted so far!

Are you a fan of this look on me? or would you rather I would have included a pop of colour? I’m all ears, so please let me know your opinion in the comments area.

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