How To Style An Outfit Using A Shirt Subscription Service

How To Style An Outfit Using A Shirt Subscription Service

Shirts for men are an important (some would even say essential) part of their wardrobe for both office and casual occasions. However, it isn’t easy to juggle all areas of life and shop for new clothing pieces! This daily struggle is where shirt rental subscriptions come into play, and in my latest article, I style a shirt using one of these new services.

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Clothing rental has been around for decades, typically for a special occasion such as a wedding (after all, not everyone can afford a new suit for every marriage they attend) or a similar function. Another common rental choice is for fancy dress, featuring a wide array of different outfits, including superheroes and scary monsters! These services have been invaluable and have now embedded themselves into normality; however, standard clothing items (such as shirts) have often been overlooked. Fortunately, the recently launched Garmst brand has seen fit to fill this void by offering its very own shirt rental service.

You simply create an account, answer a small batch of questions (favourite styles, colours and sizing), then the unique Garmst algorithm selects the shirts for you, and away you go! Your fresh selection of shirts will be delivered straight to your door.


First out of the parcel is a stunning Burberry shirt, classic in design featuring the iconic check styling throughout, bold blue colouring, and beige with a hint of red.

It is a timeless casual shirt with truly soft-to-touch cotton that can be worn comfortably all day long!

I opted for a simple ensemble, yet one that will tick all those fashion boxes – a grey slim-fit t-shirt with the shirt thrown over and half buttoned up, paired with a pair of washed black skinny jeans and finished off with suede Chelsea boots. I completed the overall look with a number of accessories, including rings, bracelets, a watch and a pair of aviator sunglasses.

The second look features a shirt from Norse Projects, which toes the line between smart and casual, bathed in deep navy. I buttoned the shirt almost to the top, worn over a thin roll-neck knit (in a complimentary dark shade). I added a pair of skinny jeans (with a touch of distressing) and worn footwear regular readers may recognise from my Saint Laurent Wyatt Cowboy Boots Review to add an edgy vibe. Again, I added a selection of accessories to finish.

What do you think of the different outfits I created using the Garmst shirt subscription service? Is it something you would try? From my personal experience, it is a fantastic idea and definitely keeps your wardrobe updated!). Let me know your thoughts and feelings below.

*Partnership with Controller Garmst / Opinions are my own.


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