The Pros And Cons Of Designer Shoes

The Pros And Cons Of Designer Shoes

Designer footwear can be one of the most essential additions to your wardrobe collection – they can offer so many positives to your outfits, but there can be a number of downsides. In my latest article, I check out the pros and cons of luxury shoes; continue reading to find out more.

If you are reading this article, you are undoubtedly a lover of all things fashion, particularly designer shoes. I have more than a handful that fit in this category, and I can honestly say that they upgrade almost any outfit. Although, I have encountered bad points on several occasions, most notably concerning comfort! Some pairs can cause irritation and even swelling, and you may need insoles for plantar fascitis to help alleviate the damage by wearing ill-fitting designer sneakers.

I will now explore the positives and negatives of owning premium footwear.

Pros Of Designer Shoes

We all love the fancy new footwear on the block! Whether you have seen them on the runway, in online stores, or even worn by your favourite fashion influencer or celebrity, you want to add them to your collection.

Designer footwear is typically of a higher quality than budget pairs or even those from the high street, offering almost perfect production levels with few flaws. Even the packaging raises the game with sturdy boxes (with protective tissue to match) and at least one dust bag to slide your new purchases inside when stored.

The design and styles of premium shoes will automatically be a head-turner, especially compared to standard shoes and boots on the market, allowing you to spice up any ensemble by slipping your brand-new babies on your feet.

  • Beautiful styles and designs
  • High-quality production levels
  • Fantastic packaging

Negatives Of Designer Shoes

Unfortunately, the negatives can be a big problem and a hard pill to swallow, but nevertheless, they cannot be overlooked.

First out of the gate is the high-price point – some are relatively reasonable (such as the Saint Laurent Low Profile Sneakers reviewed here). Similar brands seemingly pull a price out of the air and assume people will pay (which is usually correct!). The current trend shows that costs rise with each new season as well.

I touched on comfortability at the beginning of my article. It is one of the most significant issues with designer sneakers. I have had many bad experiences after wearing luxury boots or sneakers for a full day (I have been known to carry a backup pair of comfy trainers in my bag as an emergency). The heel area and sometimes the small toe area are most at risk, causing terrible rubbing and, in some cases, even blood-letting in extreme cases!

Finally, some style choices from fashion brands can be poor, either thanks to the terrible use of gaudy colours or awful designs. Another common crime is that they are simply too plain for the cost (when you can easily pick up something similar on the high street for a much more reasonable price).

  • Very high prices
  • Lack of comfort
  • Poor or plain designs


In conclusion, designer footwear has numerous positives and negatives – hopefully, my latest article will give you something to think about before splashing the cash! I would love to hear about your own experiences with luxury sneakers, boots, and shoes – feel free to share your stories in the comments area.


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