Linen Outfit In The Archway

Linen Outfit In The Archway

For my latest outfit post, I have opted for a different style to my usual outfit choices, pairing a linen shirt with a pair of drawstring trousers, read on to find out more about this look on my men’s fashion blog.

As regular readers will have seen, my style is always adapting and changing, but the last few months have seen the most dramatic stages of evolution in my outfits. Once upon a time (I say that as though it was a long time ago, in reality only a few months!) my usual clothing choices were your typical street style-inspired looks, but now my tastes are sitting firmly within classic, timeless ensembles.


With this new outfit, I have taken a lot of inspiration from men’s European looks, particularly those from Italy. I find that those types of dress have an air of timeless magic about them, transcending far beyond flash trends which inevitably show their age within a year, sometimes less!
Firstly, I picked out a Massimo Dutti warm grey linen shirt (although, it certainly has undertones of green within its fabric), this was the first time I tried out any items from the brand, happy to say I was really pleased with the purchase (in fact, since then I have ordered another 3 of their shirts!). The shirts from the brand boats an excellent linen quality as well as a complementary fit which wasn’t too tight, nor too large.
Next up was a pair of trousers from Topman, very far out of my comfort zone with these! Charcoal in colour, with a thin chalky pinstripe running down the material, which incidentally has a linen feel and vibe to the composition. The trousers are cropped above the ankle, adding to that European appearance, albeit with a drawstring tie around the waistband, dipping its toe into the casual lane at the same time.

For my footwear, I wore a pair of sandy tan loafers from No How – the shoes themselves are stunning! Happy to have this new addition to my collection which I have worn many times since ordering them, it is just such a shame their customer service leaves a little to be desired!

I completed the outfit with a few accessories – Emanuele Bicocchi Chain Bracelet, Marco Dal Maso Bangle and a couple of ASOS rings.


For the shoot, we used a hotel in Birmingham, which conveniently was the location of a wedding we were attending the previous evening. The grounds themselves were astounding, particularly the archway which I made good use of in the photographs!
Unfortunately, the evening before while we were in bed, around 1 am a member of staff let themselves into our room using a key! We didn’t see their faces, as they opened it just enough to see it was occupied and then ran away down the stairs before we could confront them. Furthermore, the staff at the desk was very unhelpful (even more so via email conversation the following week), actually almost accusing us of making it up! At least we know to avoid this hotel in the future!

What do you think of this latest look of mine? Are you a fan of my new types of outfits, or do you prefer me in streetwear casuals? Let me know your thoughts!




    • Adam
      October 10, 2019 / 10:51 pm

      I was slow to the linen game, was trying to make up for it towards the end of the year!

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