Red Adidas Sweatshirt And Grey Skinny Jeans Street Style Outfit

Red Adidas Sweatshirt And Grey Skinny Jeans Street Style Outfit

I wanted to brighten up these dull winter days with a nice pop of colour in my latest outfit, a splash of red is always an ideal choice to help combat that sometimes overwhelming overcast sky.

Once again I have opted for casual attire, I feel most at home in streetwear, plus it helps to blend into the crowd when you don’t want to draw too much attention (particularly when taking outfit photos, when many pedestrians take great interest in what we are doing! Human nature is naturally very inquisitive after all).


As stated, I wanted some colour to liven up the proceedings, so I picked out an Adidas Red Sweatshirt which boasts a glorious warm red, bordering towards orange in its tone. For years I actually dismissed the infamous German sports brand, believing it to have connotations with unsavoury members of our society (which still holds true in some respects, but in recent years sports brands have gained popularity within fashion circles once more). But I can now safely attest to owning a handful of these Adidas sweatshirts in a variety of colours. Despite their reasonable price point, I find their fit to be exemplary, only some designer pieces such as one I featured recently in my Calvin Klein Logo Sweatshirt Review enjoy an even better fit.

I wanted something different when it came to pairing the red sweater with a pair of jeans, normally I would have instantly opted for a pair of dark black denim to make the opposite colour really stand out. Instead, I went down a different path and picked out my J Brand Maria Skinny Jeans In Dove Grey, even now I find the wash incredibly beautiful (I still haven’t found a better grey pair of jeans) and I considered this pairing to be very unique but just as alluring as if I had chosen classic black.

I finally ventured outside with my new (well, I have owned them for some months!) Adidas Sneakers, we came across these in Urban Outfitters and I instantly fell in love with the combination of a mottled beige body with contrasting burgundy and black three stripes. Typically, we discovered them after they had been on sale for quite some time, so as per usual it was quite a challenge to acquire them in my size! It was well worth the chase though, they are one of the best designs from Adidas in recent memory. As you would expect, they are also very comfortable when worn, I do relish the days when I chose to wear sports trainers, as I know for a fact I won’t return home with a number of blisters, bumps and crushed toes!


Those well-trodden streets of Bath were once again our destination of choice, picking out a combination of black gated areas and urban garage zones for some diversity in our images. Although we did have to deal with some unfortunate unloading of vehicles in the latter, especially as it was getting dark so we had to make quick work of the optimal lighting before it became too dull to be usable.

What is your opinion of this union of red and grey? Have you tried this mix of colours before? Please leave me a comment with your thoughts!



  1. Mathew
    December 20, 2018 / 4:55 pm

    Classic top mate, had the same in black and grey loved it. Seeing this post has made me miss it haha.

    • Adam
      February 6, 2019 / 2:57 am

      Thanks! Glad you like it!

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