Schott Winter Jacket and Golden Goose Sneakers Outfit Post

Schott Winter Jacket and Golden Goose Sneakers Outfit

There was a touch of warmer weather throughout the past few days, hinting that spring may soon be upon us. Before the cold season is finally behind us, I have a selection of winter-inspired outfits to feature on my men’s fashion blog. The first of many is a Schott jacket and Golden Goose Sneakers combo!

When these photos were taken, we had to fight against horrendous weather, the sky was dark and murky, the ground was slippery and wet, whilst the temperature was close to freezing! Despite these awful conditions, we persevered in finishing our shoot!

My Schott Puffer Jacket has proven invaluable this winter, ensuring I was always warm and dry, all within a stylish little package. I paired the faux fur hooded coat with my J Brand Grey Maria Skinny Jeans for a striking contrast effect. I completed the look with my pre-distressed Golden Goose Sneakers, days like this are the reason I first purchased them. Venturing outside without having to worry about weather damage from puddles and rainfall is a tremendous relief, but they are still a lovely addition to my shoe collection (check out my review) when you are looking for something a little different!

Are you all looking forward to the warmer weather? Please let me know in the comments below!



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