Top 5 Men’s Essentials Clothing Choices This Summer

Top 5 Men’s Essentials Clothing Choices This Summer

Summer is approaching, so it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe for the hotter season. In my latest article, I suggest 5 essentials to showcase your style. Keep reading to find out more.

Summer is a time for sun, sea, and glorious beaches, but it is also a great way to up your fashion game. So many options are available, yet if you are on a budget and trying to design your collection based on the capsule mantra, I have hand-picked five essentials to give you a great look all season.

Linen Shirt

Linen is the perfect fabric for summer. It is lightweight, allowing your skin to breathe and keeping you cooler even during the peak of the day’s heat. Linen shirts are an ideal mix of casual and formal, and even if they gain creases throughout the day, they just add to the look.

Walking Suits

If you want to level up the fashion stakes, grab something unique, such as men’s long sleeve walking suits, a leisure-style combination of a shirt-style jacket and matching trousers. They have recently gained popularity once more, with an updated look for the modern man (even though the style originally appeared in the 1920s). These new models are ideal for summer, as they are typically looser fit with a lighter-weight construction.

Chino Shorts

Shorts are essential during hotter weather, and chino shorts are typically at the top of the list. They are available in a multitude of colours, although tans, browns, and greys are the favourites. You can opt for a casual regular fit or grab a slim or skinny pair for a sleeker ensemble.


When it comes to footwear, loafers are the standard fashionable go-to. You can go smart-casual with shorts and an untucked linen shirt or a little smarter with skinny cropped trousers, a belt, and a standard button-up—both looks are great for the summer.


Accessories complete your summer look, and sunglasses are the ultimate addition. My choice would be the timeless aviator style, with a metal frame (gunmetal or gold) that really sets off your hot-weather attire.

With my top 5 summer choices at hand, your holiday wardrobe will be ready to give you top-class style no matter where you are headed during the upcoming season. What is your top choice from my selection? Let me know in the comments section below.


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